IMD MBA Blogs : MBA Blog class of 2016
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The Blog Team

  • The team who will be keeping you up-to-date on their progress through their year at IMD : Kunal Chandra (Indian), Aysylu Kaya (Russian) and Silvia Simoes (Brazilian/Italian) will be writing about their experiences here on our IMD MBA blog.

    Fouad Younes (Lebanese/Canadian) and Sean Coyle (British/Irish/Israeli) will also be using the blog to share their photos with you.

    Jiaquing Zhang (Chinese) will be keeping up the Chasedream blog.

    Jin Hoshino, Takashi Kawakami, Maki Suzuki and Takumi Uehara (Japanese) will be keeping up the Japanese blog.

    Rakesh Renganathan (Indian) will be maintaining his personal blog.