International Consulting Project (Nicholas Toubkin)

My team and I had a fantastic trip to Oslo last week – we presented our findings to our clients, who seemed very happy with the work that we had done; they then gave us some other topics to work on for the final stretch of our international consulting project.  We even had time to fit in a quick tour of Oslo before we caught our flight back to Geneva.  The only issue that we’ve had so far on the ICP is that every time we travel, someone’s bag has been lost by the baggage handlers – this time it was me on the way!  Annoying, but thankfully retrieved – I didn’t fancy making a presentation to our clients in jeans!!!!   Since we got back to Lausanne on last Wednesday, it’s been hectic trying to fit in all of the work that we need to do before we go back to Oslo for our final presentation on Monday.

At the same time as finalising the ICP projects, it’s been incredibly busy on the job front too for the class – the offers have been coming in from all the consulting firms amongst others, and it’s fantastic news – we’ve got a number of classmates with multiple offers, and in general the tally seems to be well ahead of last year – a great result!  From my side, I’m off to London shortly for a few really interesting interviews, so fingers crossed…  I didn’t anticipate that getting the ball rolling looking for a job would take so long, but there are many interesting opportunities popping up now – so here’s hoping for a good result!

After the ICP finishes, it’s time for the electives to kick in – and these are so interesting – from Islamic Finance to corporate governance, and everything in between – more updates on that soon!

And winter is really here now – I went running with a classmate last night along the lake, and the way back was a little slow – it was pitch black with no moonlight, so a great challenge not to run into the lake!

Until next time,


Yiorgos Mavromatis reports from his ICP project (Stephanie Lin)

My classmate Yiorgos would like to share his ICP experience so far. His ICP project is about helping a company with a market-entry case in the sport industry. The team needs to find a specific market where the company’s high-tech sport product can be valued and sold.

Yiorgos and his team started by meeting with the company to know the objective. Then the team went to the US to understand better the company as well as the market that it wishes to serve. He was impressed by the hospitality from the company, as well as the American experience: over-sized portion of food, American working culture, and the American way of life.  The team worked on the business plan, tried to find distributors and the customers. They got to meet also some amazing athletes.

During the whole process, the biggest learning for Yiorgos was how to find each team member’s strength and use it on the right place at the right time. It was a memorable experience for him and he is looking forward to coming up with something practicle which the company can implement in the future.


Gathering steam! (Nicholas Toubkin)

My team and I had a fantastic and very productive trip to Latvia and Estonia last week – and lots of fun too – it was so inspiring to visit a region full of energy (and handily, great restaurants!).

This week we are intensively synthesising the information that we gathered during our desk research and our trip in the field.  It’s great to see how IMD’s education has led us to approach this task completely differently from the way that we would have before our courses at the beginning of the year – the depth of the analysis has become significantly greater.

As our deadline to provide a first formal update to our client nears, the workload and pressure is increasing – so our leadership and team building skills are being employed also, in order that we manage the tension!

Altogether, so far, the individual consulting project is an ideal way in which to practice the plethora of skills acquired at IMD.  For me, it’s a great opportunity to get experience in a new sector, and to leverage this in my career search.

Otherwise, the networking opportunities at IMD continue to be invaluable – this week, we’ve had the most senior managers of one of Europe’s largest banks on campus – which provided me with a great opportunity to network with some critical contacts associated with my preferred career path.  It’s always amazing to find out who’s just round the corner here in Lausanne.

Tomorrow, a much needed break – a party organised by our social committee to welcome autumn!

Until next time,


ICP phase 1 (Stephanie Lin)

Like the other teams, my team has kicked off the ICP project two weeks ago. We are splitting the ICP project into 3 phases: the first is industry analysis, the second is company analysis, and the third is client recommendation.

To complete the industry analysis, we travelled to France and Holland to visit the client’s locations. It was very interesting to understand from the manufacturing value chain and see how the products were produced, until the distribution channel and see how the products were sold and shipped. By visiting the locations, we could consolidate better what we researched with how the real industry player worked. We had some nice discussion with the managers from the locations to understand what their challenges and opportunities were. It was also part of the international experience to see how things are done in another country and culture.

It was a short but fruitful trip. We collected lots of useful info and data to be used in our first phase presentation, which takes place this week. I am looking forward to seeing the first result of the project!


My team (from left to right): myself, Nacho, Sophie, Alfredo