Emotionally numbered, analytically sentimental

I need to apologize for my long silence in the blog. I must acknowledge, that my IMD experience goes far beyond schooling, projects or class experience. When I packed my suitcases to come here six months ago, I thought I knew everything I put there. However, just like in books of Milorad Pavic, all of a sudden I found the whole bunch of stuff. Continue reading “Emotionally numbered, analytically sentimental”

And we mastered International Political Economy

After a bit more than two weeks of a condensed International Political Economy course, it is time for us to thank the very special Prof Carlos Braga for the passionate debates, controversial points of view and outstanding off campus visits he organised for us at ICRC and WTO, organisations most of us would probably never have the chance to visit! Continue reading “And we mastered International Political Economy”

Toys for thought, twinkle stars and growing adults

This week was incredibly concentrated and full of impressions. To start with an amusement park: short and tall revolving attractions quickly grew up across the road. Day and night they shine and reproduce fancy songs, disturbing overwhelmed MBA students. Attractions are calling and I hope to reward my inner child, before they move to another Continue reading “Toys for thought, twinkle stars and growing adults”