Time is flying and in a jet. 9 months are behind us and OCR in front. Recruitment season has begun and the batch of 2016 has begun to “get placed”. We had our first career fair earlier this week and loads of interviews in the past few days. I know you want to know the companies that are here and trust me I am keen to share as well but we will have to wait for that a little bit longer.

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Guest entry – The lure of the Bay Area

Today’s guest entry is by Singaporean MBA participant, Vivien Tan, who joined the Discovery Expedition to Mexico/San Francisco.

Sitting in the holding area of SFO, as we await our flight back to Lausanne, I thought I should take the chance to pen down my thoughts on the past 4 days we had in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

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San Francisco asks “why not?”

IMG_3689We, the American contingent, have concluded our discovery expedition. You have already read a lot about the Mexican leg of the trip which stood out for its contrasts, social entrepreneurship and gigantic manufacturing and supply chain operations. Now is the turn of America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. No better place in America than San Francisco to witness the “free and the brave” mindset. Continue reading “San Francisco asks “why not?””