All you need is twenty seconds of courage

How do you decide if or when you should do an MBA? 2018 candidate, Joyce Tsuchiya Melo, writes today’s guest entry about her decision.


During my journey towards the IMD MBA, my coach asked me, “Who are you?” It was as if he knew that this was the question that had been looming in my mind for the last few months. I had also been dreading the answer! Continue reading “All you need is twenty seconds of courage”

Pole pole

“Take a right as you exit the ferry, turn left at the end of the old fort and walk past a parking lot and under the scaffolds. There is a colorful tile bench in front of the ‘Blue Monkey’ shop; walk through the green door next to it. Climb four flights of stairs and grab some beers from the fridge on your way to the top.”

 Today’s CEP guest entry is written by Valeria Cuevas. Continue reading “Pole pole”

The Power of Connected – Honeywell CEP

The transitional journey through IMD is moving ahead…

Today’s guest entry is written by Thibault Acolas

… As this last day of Company Engagement Project at Honeywell Aerospace goes by, I reckon the immense opportunity this has been. No exotic destination like other of my IMD peers in Dubai, Seattle, or Tanzania, but the “Perle-of-the-Lake” town of Rolle between Lausanne and Geneva. Practical also when your children and family are courageously waiting home in Lausanne! Continue reading “The Power of Connected – Honeywell CEP”

A Journey inside the Valley of Health

Five weeks at AAA, a Nasdaq molecular nuclear medicine company in the heart of the health valley – written by guest blogger, Stefano Piantoni.

For those prospecting a career in healthcare, Geneva is the place to be. Not only is the region a great place to work. Every morning on my trip from Lausanne to Geneva I admire the wonderful view of Lac Leman and the majestic Chablais Alps. Continue reading “A Journey inside the Valley of Health”

Exploring vertical mobility

Today’s guest entry is by Viktor Bisovetskyi, who is sharing his CEP experience at the company headquarter of Schindler.


As my train departs from Lucerne’s main station to bring me back to Lausanne, I find myself collecting thoughts and reflecting on another MBA experience: 5 weeks ago, I started my Company Engagement Project (CEP) within Product Management at Schindler, a leading vertical mobility provider, renowned for its elevators and escalators. Continue reading “Exploring vertical mobility”

CEP at Stelton – The Danish Design Connection

Today’s guest entry is by Louis Lozouet, who is sharing his thoughts on his company engagement project in Denmark

If one day someone would have told me that I would no longer be a lawyer and that I would be assessing the Brazilian market for a Danish Design company, I would have never believed that person. Continue reading “CEP at Stelton – The Danish Design Connection”