Forbes Ranking

We are currently going through the painful job search process that is fraught with anxiety. All of us had put our life on hold for one year and chose one of the most intense MBA programs out there. And boy, has it been intense! The challenge in this program is not just the course material. This program systematically makes you question everything you know. In that process, you come out with new realizations about yourself and life in general.

Yesterday, Forbes MBA ranking for year 2017 was released. You can see the details here. I am pleased to announce to the readers of the blog that IMD took the crown for the best MBA in International 1-year MBA category. Return on Investment is one of the biggest criteria for Forbes ranking. ROI is a good proxy for career success of our Alumni and the role played by IMD in providing them the requisite tools. According to Forbes survey, 5 year MBA gain is 194700$ with payback in 2.3 years. Those are some pretty impressive numbers. Obviously, my classmates and I are thrilled at the ranking. Below is a quick summary of Forbes results (Thanks to Bruno)

Bruno slide

Cheers to the MBA 2012 class and everyone in IMD MBA program, who made this ranking possible.




Recruitment time.. 

As I look out of the huge glass windows from the dungeons, I notice that leaves have started to change colors. The last few days have been cold and rainy. This time marks a transition both in the weather and our time here at IMD. As you might have noticed, there has been a bit of silence from the class bloggers of late. We have all been extremely caught up post the discovery trips. Continue reading “Recruitment time.. “

First round interviews commence!

It’s that time of year when the atmosphere on campus starts to get tense. Graduation is just three months away and the first round of interviews is beginning.

Today started with a Career Fair, where MBAs get to talk to various companies on campus about potential openings and possibilities, and eventually set up an interview for a more in-depth discussion.

Over the next couple of weeks, there are no classes as the focus of the whole class will be on preparing for and completing interviews with their dream companies. As always, we wish them luck!

Career fair Collage