Indian Summer

An important part of the MBA program is not just the participants, it is their partners and families. Suhani Arora shares her experiences from the perspective of an MBA partner.

We have been in the midst of an Indian Summer in Lausanne. The trees are a riot of colour, and the clear blue skies and unseasonable warmth make for a pleasant interlude before the city slowly succumbs to winter’s icy grasp. Continue reading “Indian Summer”

It’s Diwali!!

Today is the Diwali festival of lights – we wish all of our Indian participants, alumni and future candidates a Happy Diwali, and a special thanks to Rajashree for today’s guest blog post!

Land of festivals they say,
One more festival is here- call it you may…
Diwali as I know it-a celebration of Lights,
Celebrated by everyone- not just by money or might…

Legend has it, Lord Ram returned to his kingdom,
Welcomed with pomp and joy wholesome…
Lamps glittered along all the streets,
Rejoicing townsfolk with festivities and sweetmeats…
Lord Ram is known for his benevolence and courage,
Wise as he was blessed by every sage…
Exiled for fourteen years from a life of comfort,
Fought demons relentlessly on heaven and earth…
Legends passed on through generations remain,
A mélange of colors now they attain…

Diwali_final Collage

Truly, Diwali has transcended boundaries across religions in India today. It’s a festival of spreading joy and happiness. It is celebrated for four days at the onset of winter. Communities come together to celebrate this festival in different ways. Though Indian culture varies differently across north, south, east and west, this festival is celebrated with equal pomp across the country.

This is my first Diwali away from home, and I cannot explain what I am missing! Waking up early on a Diwali morning to the soothing fragrance of Jasmine flowers and sandalwood paste that adorns the little temple at home is a priceless memory. Diwali for me means amazing homemade sweets like laddoo, gujiya and so much more. Trust me, overeating too is underrated during Diwali. Sumptuous Indian food being made at homes to mark this festival is bound to leave you a few kilos heavier at the end of four days. Friends and family get together and celebrate this festival of togetherness with great aplomb. Being dressed in traditional Indian dresses is just a cherry on the cake.

Diwalix Collage

This celebration of age-old traditions has acquired a modern avatar today with crackers being burst almost every evening. Gifting too has become a common way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for families and businesses in a huge way. Lanterns and lamps glitter on streets and in homes. What a sight it is!

This is how we celebrate one of my favorite festivals in India. Really happy to share it with my family at IMD.

Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali!


Here, there and everywhere…

Sitting in the TGV train from Lausanne to Paris watching the Swiss hills blend into French ones, I am struck by how much I have been on the road these past few months. In this instance, I am about to start the fourth week of my international consulting project for a multinational medical devices company. At the same time the job search is on full tilt, which has had me between Paris, Lausanne, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, and Milan over the past few weeks. By the end of this week, Stockholm will also make its way onto the list. Continue reading “Here, there and everywhere…”

MBA 2016 – 1st Reunion

As one class approaches their graduation, another celebrates their first reunion. We welcome back Kunal Chandra, 2016 blogger, who kindly shares some insights in this guest post.

It hasn’t even been a year since we left IMD and we are already planning reunions just to be able to meet our friends again. The first official IMD MBA 2016 reunion was held in Barcelona at the end of September. The beautiful city, full of energy and warmth, was a perfect location to mirror our own emotions as we joined up with our batch mates and their partners. Continue reading “MBA 2016 – 1st Reunion”

Visiting our ICP client in the UK

Today’s insight into the MBA ICPs comes from Swiss Philipp Bächtold, who is working with team members Bryant Chen (Taiwanese), Sandeep Kusnure (British) and Riccardo Paccapelo (Italian). They are supported by one of our Marketing Professors, John Walsh (Irish).

Bruno has already introduced our readers to the seven-week International Consulting Project (ICP) which started almost two weeks ago. The client of our team is a global automotive part supplier, who wants us to look into the dynamics of his aftermarket business. As I write this, I am sitting in the train coming back from our first business trip to the UK. Here are some interesting insights. Continue reading “Visiting our ICP client in the UK”