Who were we, what have we become?

The second half of the program starts today, and Shubham shares some of his insights and expectations.

 A lot of my classmates have looked back on our journey of the last 6 months and described what being at IMD has been like. What I find amazing, is that while the individual nitty-gritty of our journeys might have been different, all of us have been through the same roller coaster of emotions, failures, awe-inspiring moments, heartaches and joys. Continue reading “Who were we, what have we become?”

Sara – Reaching for the stars while remaining firmly anchored

With the start of the second half of the program just around the corner, our participants begin again to share their profiles and offer a glimpse into why they joined IMD and what they’re getting out of the program. Here Sara shares a bit about herself and her learnings so far…

Today is a windy day on Hyères Peninsula (South East of France). I came here to enjoy a week kitersufing and take a real break from one of the most intense and exciting years of my life. Continue reading “Sara – Reaching for the stars while remaining firmly anchored”