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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 4 August 2023
Chao (Amy) Fang already has a successful, 12-year, international career in business management, sales, marketing, and supply chain. Having worked for an American retailer’s operations in her home country, China, and taken up a role for a Chinese multinational on a posting to Russia, she felt the time had come to broaden her expertise and build on her leadership skills by undertaking an MBA.
By Sorelle Djankou Djeuga - 3 August 2023
7 months into the one-year IMD MBA program and MBA student, Sorelle Djankou Djeuga from Cameroon shares her summer break reflections and hopes for the future.
By Usman Khan - 28 July 2023
After a jam-packed six months at IMD, MBAs take a few weeks off and reflect on the relationships they have forged in the first half of the MBA program and what is to come next.
By Amy (Chao) Fang - 20 July 2023
Before the start of her MBA summer break in Lausanne, Amy shares two of the IMD program highlights and her key learnings.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 10 July 2023
IMD MBA students come from around the world to study at IMD. Here are some tips on how to spend the summer in Lausanne and the surrounding region.
By Adam Kennedy-Ripon - 30 June 2023
Students are given insight into life beyond the MBA with presentations from companies spanning consultancy, technology, and industrial machinery manufacturing
By Kriti Bakshi - 21 June 2023
IMD MBAs simulate the world climate summit and running a global company to understand how business, society, and the environment interconnect
By Sorelle Djankou Djeuga - 7 June 2023
"We struggled, we stumbled, and now we thrive and have fun, still with lots of work and sleepless nights." MBA student shares her insights.
By Amy (Chao) Fang - 25 May 2023
Amy Fang describes how IMD’s MBA alumni network has proven a valuable resource and how the bonding is passed from class to class.
By Sandra Guerra - 11 May 2023
The IMD MBA class of 2023 plays to win, be it in business, strategy games, sports, or even music as seen during the MBA Tournament in France.
By Sorelle Djankou Djeuga - 16 February 2023
BackPack Excellence Scholarship for Women winner, Sorelle, shares her MBA journey of self-discovery and the impact the program has already had.
By Sandra Guerra - 18 January 2023
After months of anticipation, the class of 2023 takes the first steps on their MBA journey
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