AVAtronics Start Up

We live in a noisy world. Increasingly in our lives there seems to be less time for a quiet moment of reflection. According to the Greek tragedist, Euripides, Silence is true wisdom’s best reply, yet it appears that the contemporary world is one where noise prevails and where the loudest is the carrier of the truth. Avatronics is a courageous startup company based in Lausanne. Their aim is to introduce predictive active noise cancellation in the communication and media reproduction devices industry. Continue reading “AVAtronics Start Up”

Filling the canvas

I am Sakshi from India. My parents work for India’s premier nuclear research facility which resulted in my family living in different parts of the country – some urban and some rural – throughout my life. While living in the rural areas, I saw a stark difference between the life of privilege that I led and the life of kids in the nearby villages and tribal areas who had little or no access to basic amenities. Continue reading “Filling the canvas”

Building Team Spirit

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

My name is Matthias Tschudi, I am 33 years old and I am the local one of the class. I was born in Lausanne and raised in the beautiful vineyard of Lavaux, 10km away.


I always feel at home when enjoying the scenic view of Geneva Lake or when skiing on the snowy slopes of the Alps. But since the beginning of 2018, I feel even more fortunate to welcome all of my awesome MBA classmates in my home town!


Before coming to IMD, I was working in a Swiss company developing automated production machines. The technical challenges were extremely interesting, but my biggest motivation has always been to work with people. I had to manage several projects and development teams, and I always considered that working together was the best way to achieve success.

When I was a teenager, I used to play volleyball. In this sport, you are six on the court, and you have to trust your team. If one of us made a mistake, the point was lost and it was thus mandatory to play together and support each other. We could build a great team spirit over the years, allowing us to become twice in a row vice Swiss champions. These memories always remind me that heading towards the same objective as a team will make outstanding results achievable.

In January, I only had to walk 30 minutes to come to IMD, while some of my classmates had to relocate from more than 15’000km away, but everyone came together to start this journey. We made progress by keeping together during the first days, but we’re now definitely working together toward success – our common success.



What does your online footprint look like?

What does your online footprint look like? How much data do you think companies have accumulated on you over the years you have been googling, shopping, using social media platforms, reading articles and so on? These were all questions that our startup group had never considered before beginning to work on our project together with PersonalData.io. Continue reading “What does your online footprint look like?”