It’s not what I expected…

I wasn’t expecting it to be like this.
Candice2 (002)

I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t think that economics (or finance, or accounting, or strategy…) would be the death of me. I knew I would cry here and there but I didn’t think I would keep the tissue industry afloat! I knew I would change but I didn’t think it would be this personal. This MBA ‘thing’ is tough work but it’s also one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Here are three of my biggest realizations (read: survival tips) so far: Continue reading “It’s not what I expected…”

FIXtech – Bringing connectivity and automation to bulk commodity shipping


We finished our presentation to a jury at IMD Business School one hour ago. The jury is made up of Ventures Capitalists, Business Angels and a very committed professor. We are Group 8, and over the course of the past five months we have been supporting FIXtech in their startup journey. Continue reading “FIXtech – Bringing connectivity and automation to bulk commodity shipping”