First round interviews commence!

It’s that time of year when the atmosphere on campus starts to get tense. Graduation is just three months away and the first round of interviews is beginning.

Today started with a Career Fair, where MBAs get to talk to various companies on campus about potential openings and possibilities, and eventually set up an interview for a more in-depth discussion.

Over the next couple of weeks, there are no classes as the focus of the whole class will be on preparing for and completing interviews with their dream companies. As always, we wish them luck!

Career fair Collage


MBA 2012 back on campus!

Walking onto campus on Friday morning was like taking a step back in time. The faces in the coffee break-out area, the foyer, were all so familiar, and yet they did not belong to this year’s participants. Instead, I was greeted by alumni from the class of 2012 who were back on campus to celebrate their five year reunion!

Their day on campus started at 08h30 and was followed by various lectures, presentations and updates by the President, the Dean and other faculty. Coffee breaks, lunch and dinner offered time to catch up with each other, partners and children, as well as IMD staff, before setting off for the mountains for further activities.

Here is the traditional fun reunion photo:


Looking forward to a guest blog to hear more about the weekend!


On their way home

The first of the groups have arrived back in Switzerland and the other two won’t be far behind.

Tomorrow they will all be back in class, sharing their diverse experiences, learnings and impressions. I’m sure they’ll have some great stories to share and that the presentations will be interesting.

However, for now I leave you with the last photos sent by Sophie from San Francisco.

SF end Collage


Strategic Leadership in Japan

Taiwanese participant, Will Chiou, managed to write a final guest entry about the highlight of his Asian Discovery Expedition before boarding a plane to return to IMD with his group.

It was the morning, and as we walked into the classroom at Tokyo’s Institute for Strategic Leadership (ISL) we received a standing applause from the other 38 ISL participants. Immediately we felt the hospitality and kindness of our Japanese friends. Continue reading “Strategic Leadership in Japan”