The 2020 Blog Team

This year, our MBA participants will be hosting the blog for a month each, so that you can get to know as many of them as possible. Please encourage this great team by sharing, liking and adding comments to their posts – and enjoy!

Guest writers
Guest writers often share their perspective of the MBA program - from partners to alumni, faculty to recruiters, or participants who are suddenly inspired to write!
MBA Marketing Specialist
British, Swiss: I joined the IMD MBA team in 2000, and enjoyed my job so much, I never left! I mainly work on Marketing initiatives, such as the blog, but also help out with Admissions and was on the Scholarship committee for many years.
Surbhi Puri
MBA alumni 2019
Gyopar Sipos
MBA Program Coordinator
Our in-house photographer!
Anthony Wilson
MBA participant 2020
South African, Czech: 6 years' global project management and consulting experience in the upstream oil and gas, telecoms, investments and private equity industries.
Yaroslav Ivanov
MBA participant 2020
Canadian, Russian: 8 years of experience in top-tier leadership consulting and executive search companies across North America and the Middle East.
André Garcia
MBA participant 2020
Brazilian, Portuguese: 5 years' experience in process improvement, project and production management in diverse product lines in a multinational company.
Jia (Fiona) Zuo
MBA participant 2020
Chinese: 4 years' international experience in strategic and business planning and M&A in the manufacturing industry.
Kevin Yang
MBA participant 2020
Filipino: 9 years' experience in sales, operations and manufacturing of non-standard equipment for electrical power systems.
Atul Kumar
MBA participant 2020
Indian: 9 years' experience of creating value in the energy sector through competitive strategy formulation, policy advocacy and business development.

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