A trip back to the IMD cocoon

Today’s guest entry welcomes back our Brazilian 2006 class blogger, Rafael Altivini.

When I boarded the train to Lausanne on March 3rd, I made sure I got a left side window seat, facing opposite the train’s riding direction. That’s how you get the most spectacular views of Lake Geneva, the vineyards and the alps as the train comes out of the last tunnel just before reaching Lausanne main station. This has been part of my sort of ritual over the last ten years every time I get a chance to go back to IMD. Continue reading “A trip back to the IMD cocoon”

OCR (On-campus recruiting) completed!

Today’s blog entry is written by guest writer, Shashank Upadhyay, one of our Indian participants.

We have completed the so called OCR period! OCR (On Campus Recruiting) is actually a lot more than just a 2 week intense period of on campus company visits and interviews; it’s also a tough emotional journey that we as a class, along with the career services team, go through during this challenging MBA year. Continue reading “OCR (On-campus recruiting) completed!”