What does your online footprint look like?

What does your online footprint look like? How much data do you think companies have accumulated on you over the years you have been googling, shopping, using social media platforms, reading articles and so on? These were all questions that our startup group had never considered before beginning to work on our project together with PersonalData.io. Continue reading “What does your online footprint look like?”

Experiential learning on Entrepreneurship with CoatChecker

When we look at the past two months of our IMD MBA, the start-up engagement project has been a unique learning experience. The IMD MBA provides an unmatched emphasis on learning about the reality of entrepreneurship by letting us engage directly with an early stage start-up and work with them to provide tangible results.

We work with Joris Storskogen (CEO and co-founder) and Nusret Salihi (CTO and co-founder) of CoatChecker Gmbh Continue reading “Experiential learning on Entrepreneurship with CoatChecker”

Stretching the Limits of Electronics

Constant innovation is arguably the most important key success factor in the consumer electronics industry. Through the IMD MBA Start-up Project, my classmates and I have had the privilege of partnering with Feeltronix, a Geneva-based start-up that has developed technology that has the potential to drive the next wave of innovation in wearable electronics. Continue reading “Stretching the Limits of Electronics”

And then Sakshi said: There is always going to be sunshine in the dungeons..

This week, I am taking over the rally-baton from Parth and inspired by his authentic style, I add some personal testimonies to the usual insight into the MBA Class of 2018.

Walking home on a cold winter evening, severe wind stings my cheeks. I am reflecting on the last weeks and contemplating about the stage we have reached on our MBA journey. Continue reading “And then Sakshi said: There is always going to be sunshine in the dungeons..”