The 2017 Blog Team

Here is a quick overview of the team who will be keeping you up-to-date on their progress through their year at IMD:

Mohammed Allam (Egyptian), Priyanka Chandran (Indian), Lucien Chiron (French) and Sathappan Sathappan (Singaporian) will be our key bloggers and will regularly share their experiences with you on this blog .

Zhe Yuan (Chinese) will be keeping up the Chasedream blog in Chinese.
Yuan Zhe has been focusing on R&D outsourcing services for consumer electronics over the last several years. After IMD, he hopes to engage more in equipment and automation industries and high-end consumer products.

Kuniyuki Furuta, Yasuharu Sakurai and Junsuke Arita will be continuing the Japanese blog:

Kuniyuki worked in a foreign aid agency of the Japanese government for 8+ years and was in the DR-Congo office just before his enrollment at IMD. He hopes to change his career from the public to private sector, although he hopes to keep engaging in Africa.

Before enrolling at IMD, Yasuharu worked at Panasonic Corporation, a major Japanese electronics company, for 6+ years as corporate finance professional. Studying at IMD, he aims to enhance his leadership skills in an international setting as well as to acquire the broader perspective required for a general manager.

Junsuke ‘Jun’ Arita is currently working with a government-owned bank of Japan and has led various financing projects to success totaling over $3 billion, including the development of the largest copper mine in the world. Jun is sponsored by his bank and is expected to leverage his learnings to take further responsibilities after the program.

Viktor Bisovetskyi will our GMAT threadmaster on the GMAC Forum

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