The 2018 Blog Team

Here is a quick overview of the team who will be keeping you up-to-date on their progress through their year at IMD:

Parth Reddy (Indian) has accepted the challenge of posting weekly so that you can follow his journey throughout the year, however he will be supported by his classmates, and in particular:

Raj Ramful (Mauritian) will be sharing a monthly photo overview of the highlights of the program

Neharika Agarwal (Indian) and Martina Skodova (Czech) will be adding their perspectives from January to June and Hassan Abdel Fattah (Canadian/Egyptian) and Joyce Tsuchiya Melo (Brazilian) will share their journey over the second half of the program.

If you’re looking for updates in Japanese, please follow Satoshi Yamamoto, Shingo Kawano and Chuan Xing on our Japanese blog

Our Chinese participants:  Roy Rong, Cyril Chen and Suyun Huang will be keeping you up-to-date through Chasedream

Neharika will be our GMAT threadmaster on the GMAC Forum

And last, but not least, we have a new Brazilian blog where you can follow this year’s large Brazilian contingent:  Paula Lacerda, Fabiana Souza, Carolina Queiroz Melo, Guilherme Mendes, Fernando Serra, Rafael Freixo, Rafael Zarpao, Pedro Kniphoff, André Cepeda, Adriano Mota and Joyce Tsuchiya.

Please encourage them all with your likes and comments and enjoy the reading!