The IMD MBA blog offers you a glimpse into the lives of our full-time MBA participants.

Find out what’s going on both on-campus and in the Lausanne area; get insights into some of the classes and experiential exercises; and understand more about the roller-coast ride of challenges and successes.
Hear from the MBAs themselves – learn about their profiles, why they chose IMD and their experiences during their year, and hear from the wider community to understand the impact the program has from a different perspective.

If you’re planning to apply for an MBA yourself, we hope this blog will help you decide on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Are you driven to find out more about yourself and your leadership style? Do you want to learn in a very personal environment where you will make life-time friends with diverse and successful people who want to make a difference? How do you learn? Do you enjoy putting theory into practice and actually seeing the impact of your learning? Do you want a global experience that will open up your mind and future career opportunities?

We hope you will enjoy reading this blog and will add your comments and questions to the posts that inspire you.