The 2020 Blog Team

This year, our MBA participants will be hosting the blog for a month each, so that you can get to know as many of them as possible:

Anthony Wilson – Czech/South African
Yaroslav Ivanov – Canadian/Russian
André Garcia – Brazilian
Jia (Fiona) Zuo – Chinese
Julio Ortiz – Colombian
Ruchi Senthil – Indian
Jameson Goodman – American
Waithera Kinyeki – Kenyan/South African
Lingman Peng – Chinese (Hong Kong)
Krishin Nandwani – Singaporean
Nick Geldhof – Belgian
Fayçal Tazi – Moroccan/French
Andrey Belykh – Russian

With support from:
Aditi Kulkarni – Indian
Daniel Jaramillo – Colombian/German
Atul Kumar – Indian
Eda Karakaya – Turkish
Kevin Yang – Filipino

If you’re looking for updates in Japanese, please follow our Japanese blog

Our Chinese participants will be keeping you up-to-date through Chasedream

And Olabisi, Carlos, Rishabh, Sammit and Siddharth will be active on the GMAC Forum

Please encourage this great team by sharing, liking and adding comments to their posts – and enjoy!