Photo-blog – Mexico Navigaing the future and other (fun!) activities

As we said it earlier, Monterrey has been a lot of fun.

Wonderful speakers and visits, a social project to help the poorest, and, yes, we went to see Lucha Libre!

20160826 - Mexico 2.jpg

We hosted the Navigating the Future conference with great guests and, ended it with Mariachi!

20160826 - Mexico 3_120160826 - Mexico 3_2

A great thank you to the MBA office and David, our irreplaceable MBA Alum, who made it all happen.

Stay tuned for San Francisco news!


Shanghai at a glance

image1We have been to Shanghai for three days, so far, but I feel like I know this place, people and the way business can be done here (of course, this is just my illusion, nurtured by incredibly intense schedule, which I appreciate so much, as I benefit from every moment).

We kicked off by visiting the office of Swissnex, an organization that is supporting collaboration of Swiss and Chinese entities in the areas of business, education etc. eBay was another impressive destination both from business perspective, as we’ve learned that the auction model is only a part of the company’s activities, and from the individual story of one of the company’s top managers in China. My framework of cultural stereotypes dissembles rather fast: innovations is China are not necessarily of adaptive nature, there are some real breakthroughs, like a WeChat platform. Again and again, we met fantastic people, who made their ways and sometimes did some radical changes in their lives. A fascinating story of entrepreneurship, of finding one’s way in the corporate world, or of identifying oneself as a multi-faceted personality – you name it. There is something very special in meeting those people all over the world, something that you can never read in a book or see in a movie – in a hand shake, and in looking into their eyes, when you say to yourself “Do I acknowledge and accept my true self the way this person does, and, if so, am I brave enough to do a ‘quantum leap’?” To tell you the truth, I’ve got some of the answers here, in Shanghai…

A few other questions were drilling my mind, while doing some sightseeing: why and for how long will we keep distinguishing emerging and emerged worlds and can we change the status quo; as a business leader and an expatriate, should one make an effort to assimilate and accept cultural differences; and, finally, what can I personally do and what is my over-professional purpose post-MBA?

Amazingly, these days, while the whole class is on the three Discovery destinations, our group is the first to start a day, then Singaporean group wakes up, and, lastly, the group in Mexico takes over the privilege of living another morning. Well, tomorrow we will be welcoming another precious day of the MBA program in the Country of the Rising Sun, and experiencing another verge of contrast and learning, challenge and exploration, networking and friendship.

Till soon,



A quick update from the Americas team. We arrived in Monterrey and have already had the chance to witness non-stop large scale operations at Wal-Mart and Lego. Mighty impressive set-ups I must say.

Also I am impressed by the fact that how well the MBA education prepares us to engage in meaningful dialogue with people from different companies and industries. Having done both Wal-Mart and Lego cases in class, seeing these operations first hand was such a fine culmination of the learning process.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Lego factory. The level of automation, precision and quality made it clear it was no child’s play.

More on the trip to follow from my fellow travellers. Watch this space!




And we’re off to the Discovery Expeditions!

I believe I mentioned before that IMD’s program is front-loaded, especially on the academic side. One of my favourite things about that is that we’re always looking at exciting things ahead. It’s almost like a reward system somehow. You go through the painful finance basics so that you can do exciting M&A simulations. You go through a lot of self assessment and then you start being exposed to senior executives and the IMD Alumni. You finish all exams so that you can devote your time to a company engagement project of your choice. And so on…

On that of looking forward to exciting parts, I don’t think anything can beat the expectations for the Discovery Expeditions! That’s the moment when we get split into 3 groups of 30 and fly to 1 of 3 exciting journeys around the world: Japan/China; Singapore/UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) or Mexico/US (California).

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