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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 12 May 2022
The youngest member of the MBA Class of 2022 explains why he chose IMD and how the program is helping him to understand how his past experience affects his leadership today.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 2 May 2022
This MBA team discovered how start-ups must strike the right balance between ambition and execution while working with fashion tech company, BEAWEAR.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 25 April 2022
Embracing conflict and turning negative experiences on their head will make us better leaders, Professor Kohlrieser teaches MBAs in their High Performance Leadership workshop
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 15 April 2022
MBA 2022 student, Pragnya Pendyala, shares why she decided to study at IMD at this stage in her career.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 13 April 2022
As Module 1 draws to an end, MBAs begin to form clubs around career and common interest groups.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 4 April 2022
Slava Khalatov, one of this year's IMD MBA students, shares why he decided to do an MBA after 6 years of working in the oil and gas industry.

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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 29 March 2022
Our start-up team got a taste of entrepreneurship with Calingo – A digital insurance start-up that offers household insurance, embedded at the point of sale
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 15 March 2022
An MBA team builds strong foundations of experiential learning through their start-up project, focusing on inclusive accessibility solutions.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 7 March 2022
Juliette, an MBA student in the 2022 class, shares her profile and explains why IMD's personalized leadership journey and hands-on program were right for her.