The 2016 class graduates today!

It is Friday morning, very soon the MBAs will be arriving on campus with their families to celebrate this special moment.

They will be gathering for one last time all together in the MBA auditorium, their families will find seats and await them in the auditorium used for the graduation ceremony, and then the most emotional moment (I find) – the procession from one building to the next, the official start of the ceremony – the reality setting in once and for all… ‘I did it!’

Unfortunately, not all family members are able to make the journey to Switzerland to share this special day in person, but for those who would like to watch the ceremony live from a distance, the following link will enable you to follow from wherever you are:

Here is the schedule for the morning:

10h30 Music and walk in of MBAs lead by Faculty
Followed by speeches by the MBA Program Director and the Graduation Speaker

11h15 Distribution of diplomas and awards
Followed by speeches by IMD President and elected Class Speakers

13h00 Ceremony close



Before we go… give it up for THE band!

Last night was our class “informal” celebration after the last day of classes! We had a club just for ourselves and the vibe was incredible.

I remember hearing from my friend Daniel Kodama (Class of 2015) that people had opportunities to make a difference until the last day of the program. That’s exactly what we had the chance to witness last night. Our classmate Felipe Berg initiated a couple of days ago a band with all the musicians in class.

They squeezed time to rehearse over the last days and had their performance last night – IT WAS FANTASTIC! Continue reading “Before we go… give it up for THE band!”


Finish line ahead

It is Sunday night in our beautiful and cold Lausanne. The last Sunday night as an IMD MBA candidate. Whoa.

It’s funny how time inevitably flies and especially does it when we are living life fully. The second half of the MBA – as repeatedly warned by the alumni – goes by in a blink. We come from the CEPs and almost immediately are off to the Discovery Trips and then job search and then ICPs (coupled with job search for most) and when you realize it…electives have come and (almost) gone.

So far I’ve been mostly impressed by the electives! Continue reading “Finish line ahead”


Looking back over the year

Today’s guest entry is written by Ukrainian Irina Tkachenko, one of our MBA Partners.

“Challenges” was probably the word I heard the most often during the year. New network, new language, new order-oriented Swiss mentality, pause in career… These changes can be quite frustrating, but they can also be turned into an exciting adventure. And, in my opinion, it always depends on us whether to treat these challenges as obstacles or as opportunities. Continue reading “Looking back over the year”


RSM MBA private equity competition winners

Today’s guest entry is written by British participant, Sophie Spillard, who competed in the RSM MBA Private Equity competition with teammates Joseph Dunfee, Igor Popkov, Roraj Pradhanaga & Ulrich Van de Woestyne.

Our team, named The Cosmonauts (because we aim for the sky) returned to Lausanne today after a memorable weekend representing IMD at the annual RSM Private Equity competition in Amsterdam. The cherry on top … we won the competition. Continue reading “RSM MBA private equity competition winners”