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By Juan Perlas - 22 September 2022
As the MBA program focus turns to International Consulting Projects and post-MBA job search, students blow off steam over a night of karaoke
By Juan Perlas - 15 September 2022
The MBA cohort are changing out of their formal shoes and into running shoes to raise money for a children’s cancer charity.
By Juan Perlas - 8 September 2022
Last week, our MBA cohort went on its second Discovery Expedition trip to Singapore. From digital transformation to getting to know the culture, we spent five days experiencing the Lion City of the East.
By Bavly Obaid - 1 September 2022
International business is the key theme to the MBA’s recent studies on campus and beyond as students head to Silicon Valley and Singapore.
By Doyin Omidiran - 25 August 2022
As recruitment and job interviews begin to ramp up, MBAs turn to hobbies and nature to find their centers.
By Bavly Obaid - 17 August 2022
The IMD MBA 2022 cohort returns to Lausanne from their summer break, and dives right back into the program.

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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 4 August 2022
MBA 2022 student, Sohini Choudhuri from India, shares what she hoped to get out of her MBA and her experience at IMD so far.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 29 July 2022
“I am mighty glad to have clicked on that Instagram post!” Previous Assessment Challenge winners describe an alternative route to an IMD MBA
By Bavly Obaid - 7 July 2022
Asado, Business volatility and Cultural immersion…The ABC of the IMD MBA 2022 Discovery Expedition to Buenos Aires, Argentina