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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 21 October 2021
Who doesn't like shopping, visiting more than 40+ retail stores, talking to 75+ shoppers,... across 3 different cities? This ICP team explored the shopping habits of different ethnic groups within the UAE.
By Frances Rousseau - 18 October 2021
The 7-week ICP takes teams around the world. This team goes from the Alpes to the Andes, where community, culture and business come together.
By Temitope Orekoya - 14 October 2021
MBA Participant Temi and her team have fully immersed themselves in their ICP by being on the ground with the client in Sudan.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 11 October 2021
While the first few months of the MBA program exposed students to working with startups, they now put their learnings to the test in the ICP phase.
By Douglas Petry - 1 October 2021
A new guest speaker, Matthew Barzun, former American ambassador to the UK, takes part in expanding the leadership journey of the MBAs.
By Temitope Orekoya - 28 September 2021
We finally kicked off the international consulting projects (ICP) and will be dedicating the next seven weeks working full-time with a wide range of companies to solve strategic issues.

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By Temitope Orekoya - 24 September 2021
We spend our days working hard, interviewing and finding our dream jobs... But still, we do not forget to 'Keep calm and ein prosit!'
By Temitope Orekoya - 17 September 2021
We've heard time and time again, 'your Network is your Net-worth." We continue to spend lots of time networking during these days.
By Temitope Orekoya - 9 September 2021
The recruitment phase of the IMD MBA begins in earnest as participants prepare to re-enter the job market, starting with first-round interviews. Wish them luck!