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By Emma James - 11 May 2021
The IMD MBA Career Cluster day is fast approaching - a chance for the different groups to organize career events and further explore opportunities.
By Dmitry Makarov - 6 May 2021
Innovation Week is over, accounting is a few weeks from now, the sports tournament is just behind the corner, and a long weekend awaits. Yet, something else is on our mind: portfolio diversification.
By Emma James - 4 May 2021
Emma James, a current MBA student from the USA, talks about the first module of the full-time program and why she chose IMD.
By Love Bhutani - 29 April 2021
One of the critical parts of the IMD MBA program is the innovation week, an unparalleled experience into a process that is key to resilience.
By Smrita Khanna - 27 April 2021
The Innovation Lab at IMD is a week long challenge that equips MBA participants with the leadership capabilities and mindset to build an innovation culture in their careers. Innovation is brought to action by addressing real life challenges.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 26 April 2021
MBA participant, Shruthi Arul, shares her reflections on Module One as the pace of Module Two already picks up with the start of the Innovation Lab.

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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 23 April 2021
GradeSens: a startup that is blowing the winds of change towards predictive maintenance
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 22 April 2021
As the sun sets on the start-up projects, David Roe reflects on the key leadership takeaways from his experience
By Smrita Khanna - 20 April 2021
The key takeaways from a Rendezvous with the President of IMD, Jean-Fran├žois Manzoni, during a Business and Society session on corporate sustainability.