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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 24 June 2024
Christian Dummett, Assistant Dean and Director of Career Development at IMD, shares insights into the professional and personal transformation an MBA offers.
By Prateek Prabhune - 19 June 2024
This year’s cohort of MBA candidates find themselves at the halfway mark of their MBA program. They have delved deep into the subjects of finance, marketing, operations, and strategy, mastering the art of the critical skills required in today’s complex business landscape, ready to embark on their discovery expedition to Singapore and California.
By Carlotta Schwarz - 12 June 2024
Carlotta Schwarz explains how the MBA Class of 2024 are strengthening their bonds through friendly competition, honing their communications skills through crisis management drills, and diving into the world of international relations.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 10 June 2024
US-born Nicholas Saari shares his journey of embarking on an MBA program in Europe, and his learnings so far.
By Yonjai Lee - 6 June 2024
Networking is about much more than social capital. From access to the hidden job market to mentorship and collaboration, the support offered by the IMD alumni community is potentially life-changing, says Lee Yonjai.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 3 June 2024
IMD MBA student profile: Anouk Rossier, from Switzerland, was the winner of last year's Women Leaders Assessment Challenge and brings her passion for healthcare to the program.

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By Kriti Bakshi - 12 October 2023
An MBA at IMD is the transformational journey of a lifetime. MBA student, Kriti Bakshi, shares some tips on how to know if you are truly ready to commit.
By Jeremy Rose - 4 October 2023
As new career opportunities continue to open, the MBA Class prepares to find their calling.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 2 October 2023
MBA student, Ernesto Kling, outlines his top takeaways from the first IMD EmployabilityTech, which was attended by representatives from some of tech’s most prestigious and forward-thinking firms.