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By Waithera Kinyeki - 9 April 2020
In a bullish market, be bullish, this phrase is commonly uttered on trading floors. What about social stock exchanges (SSE’s)?
By Anthony Wilson - 8 April 2020
We must make the most of our time this year. Everyone is behind us including our professors. It is up to us to “play after every storm”
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 6 April 2020
MBA alumnae (class of 2016) and co-leaders of the MBA program for the UK Alumni Club, launch the first MBA virtual networking event.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 3 April 2020
As the COVID lockdown continues, MBAs round up their exams, celebrate online and continue their startup projects.
By Anthony Wilson - 1 April 2020
The beginning of exams, IMD has accommodated us amazingly in getting us ready and now it is up to us to complete these exams.
By suzylaurent - 30 March 2020
The MBA participants start their end-of-module-one exam week.

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By Eda Karakaya - 27 March 2020
MBAs are at the end of the first module, preparing for exams, trying to get used to living with Covid-19, and working on start-up projects!
By Julio Ortiz - 25 March 2020
IMDMighty90 MBAs adapt to the COVID challenge, focus on exams and continue to support each other.
By Aditi Kulkarni - 20 March 2020
The MBAMighty90 face the COVID crisis with collaboration and a positive attitude.