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By William Reindorf-Partey - 23 March 2023
MBA student, William Reindorf-Partey, reflects on his first two months at IMD – and reveals the surprising lessons he has learned.
By Sandra Guerra - 16 March 2023
The first couple of months of the IMD MBA put our limits to the test, forcing us to find a balance and remind ourselves of our purpose.
By Juan Carrillo - 8 March 2023
How can the regular practice of sports help you become a more successful MBA student and how do you find or make the time?
By Kriti Bakshi - 1 March 2023
From self-awareness to market simulation exercises, IMD MBA students learn about market dynamics – and their own biases
By Jeremy Rose - 22 February 2023
Six weeks into the journey, the MBA class is forging deeper connections over experiential exercises organised by both IMD and classmates.
By Ashish Srivastava - 21 February 2023
As the MBA workload starts to get intense, the cohort plays to win together

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By Sorelle Djankou Djeuga - 16 February 2023
BackPack Excellence Scholarship for Women winner, Sorelle, shares her MBA journey of self-discovery and the impact the program has already had.
By Usman Khan - 8 February 2023
From understanding how personality traits affect the way we function to eye-opening finance classes, the MBAs have a week full of revelations.
By Nandini Chandra - 6 February 2023
As the second month of the IMD MBA program kicks in, the value of self-awareness in multi-tasking and leadership becomes clear.