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By Douglas Petry - 21 September 2021
The MBA first round interviews and job search continue. A time of stress and uncertainty when the bonds between classmates makes all the difference.
By Temitope Orekoya - 17 September 2021
We've heard time and time again, 'your Network is your Net-worth." We continue to spend lots of time networking during these days.
By Temitope Orekoya - 9 September 2021
The recruitment phase of the IMD MBA begins in earnest as participants prepare to re-enter the job market, starting with first-round interviews. Wish them luck!
By Douglas Petry - 7 September 2021
MBA participant, Douglas Petry, shares highlights from the week spent in Berlin, exploring the ecosystem and sustainable future possibilities.
By Temitope Orekoya - 6 September 2021
The IMD MBAs spent the final days of their discovery expedition exploring the startup ecosystem and the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berlin.
By Frances Rousseau - 31 August 2021
The second part of the IMD MBA Discovery Expedition is off to an interesting start in Berlin, Germany.

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By Ricardo Sanchez - 27 August 2021
The first week of the Discovery Expedition included opportunities to reflect, push boudaries and coordinate team efforts in the Swiss Alps.
By Frances Rousseau - 24 August 2021
Frances Rousseau and her MBA classmates launch their Discovery Expedition with some traditional hiking and fondu in the Swiss Alps.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 16 August 2021
MBA participant, Jessica Roberts from South Africa, shares her profile and how IMD is a life-altering experience for her.