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By suzylaurent - 3 August 2020
This year, the MBAs were unable to experience the traditional August 1st celebrations, as festivities adapted to the COVID risk.
By André Garcia - 31 July 2020
In a year full of surprises, the MBA consulting bootcamp is no different at IMD.
By Lingman Peng - 29 July 2020
MBA participants take part in a special training course on cracking cases during their summer break.
By Anthony Wilson - 27 July 2020
A rafting trip down the river Aare from Thun to Bern.
By Yaroslav Ivanov - 24 July 2020
Yaroslav uses his summer break to reunite with his daughter in Russia and bring her back to Switzerland.
By Lingman Peng - 22 July 2020
Life is splendid because it is uncertain and unpredictable. Plan B can be as fabulous as the original plan.

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By Eda Karakaya - 20 July 2020
Eda reflects on the value of friendship as she celebrates her birthday with MBA classmates in Lausanne.
By Lingman Peng - 15 July 2020
Finance in the Summer can be spicy and sparkling.
By Aditi Kulkarni - 10 July 2020
Learnings from the current situation on what it takes to be a great leader.