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By Javier Valy - 18 September 2020
MBA participants take a break in studies to attend company presentations and have interviews
By suzylaurent - 14 September 2020
IMD MBA scholarships foster diversity in the class by encouraging high achievers from around the world.
By Javier Valy - 11 September 2020
The MBA life - or how to improvise comedy, manage a corporate crisis and attract and retain customers for an aquarium in four days.
By Jameson Goodman - 7 September 2020
IMD MBA participants learn applied creativity in the Aquatis Challenge, in which openness and playfulness emerge as pathways to innovation and excellence.
By Javier Valy - 4 September 2020
IMD's MBA Innovation Week is entering into the final stage and the MBAs are working at full throttle.

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By Nick Geldhof - 2 September 2020
The MBA Innovation Week continues with research around Lausanne to help find the best solution for the Aquatis Challenge.
By Dmitry Borisenko - 28 August 2020
What are electives for? What can we learn through them? Which one’s the best?
By Krishin Nandwani - 26 August 2020
MBAs had the pick of the litter with electives covering various topics from organisational behaviour to fintech and blockchain