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By suzylaurent - 30 March 2020
The MBA participants start their end-of-module-one exam week.
By Eda Karakaya - 27 March 2020
MBAs are at the end of the first module, preparing for exams, trying to get used to living with Covid-19, and working on start-up projects!
By Julio Ortiz - 25 March 2020
IMDMighty90 MBAs adapt to the COVID challenge, focus on exams and continue to support each other.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 23 March 2020
The MBA sustainability committee shares the first initiatives that have been already implemented on IMD campus.
By Aditi Kulkarni - 20 March 2020
The MBAMighty90 face the COVID crisis with collaboration and a positive attitude.
By Julio Ortiz - 18 March 2020
From a lunch celebrating the Independence of Mauritius, to discussions, classes and projects, every experience at IMD is international.

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By suzylaurent - 16 March 2020
IMD and MBA participants pull together to keep on track in face of the COVID-19 situation.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 6 March 2020
Working with founders of Startup Company, Changeway®, offers a chance to create tangible value in the entrepreneurial world.
By Julio Ortiz - 4 March 2020
The challenges of the first two months of the IMD MBA program encourage creativity, bonding and making the most of every minute.