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By Jeremy Rose - 29 November 2023
MBA student, Jeremy Rose from Canada, reflects on his year at IMD as "a journey to be grateful for" and shares some of the highlights.
By Sorelle Djankou Djeuga - 22 November 2023
As her MBA year at IMD approaches its end, Sorelle reflects on her transformative journey and prepares to shine, to fly, to transform organizations and to contribute to our society.
By Usman Khan - 16 November 2023
As the MBA graduation approaches, Usman Khan looks back at the bonds and friendships he has made over the year, linked to key moments of the program.
By Juan Carrillo - 8 November 2023
The Lausanne marathon was a test of endurance beyond the finish line that pushed a group of MBA 2023 classmates to exploit their capacities.
By Nandini Chandra - 6 November 2023
As the MBA year at IMD heads into its final month, Nandini Chandra reflects on the friendships she has forged and the opportunities that lie ahead.
By William Reindorf-Partey - 2 November 2023
MBA student, William Reindorf-Partey, discusses juggling the International Consultancy Project with hunting for a job as the class approaches the final weeks of the program.

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By Kriti Bakshi - 12 October 2023
An MBA at IMD is the transformational journey of a lifetime. MBA student, Kriti Bakshi, shares some tips on how to know if you are truly ready to commit.
By Jeremy Rose - 4 October 2023
As new career opportunities continue to open, the MBA Class prepares to find their calling.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 2 October 2023
MBA student, Ernesto Kling, outlines his top takeaways from the first IMD EmployabilityTech, which was attended by representatives from some of tech’s most prestigious and forward-thinking firms.