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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 17 February 2020
Professor Jennifer Jordan talks about the leadership experientials that take place at the beginning of the leadership stream
By Atul Kumar - 14 February 2020
The MBA 2020 batch embarks on discovery of the mystical path of Leadership in a mythical setting amidst snow-clad mountains
By Jia (Fiona) Zuo - 12 February 2020
Professor Ralf Boscheck has a reputation for his challenging Economics classes, but they can also have a fun twist.
By suzylaurent - 10 February 2020
IMD awards scholarships based on merit and financial need to encourage diversity in each class. See the 2020 results.
By Kevin Yang - 7 February 2020
The MBAs are split into two groups as they head off-campus for their leadership labs with advice to keep an open mind!
By Jia (Fiona) Zuo - 5 February 2020
MBAs discuss motivation and business hurdles with entrepreneurs and set expectations for their startup projects.

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