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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 26 October 2020
Harita Byluppala and Dmitry Koval, IMD MBA Merit Scholarship winners for the 2021 program, highlight the diversity of our participants.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 23 October 2020
The third week of International Consulting Projects comes to an end, 1st round presentations have been delivered and MBAs continue to sharpen their leadership skills.
By Faycal Tazi - 21 October 2020
IMD MBA teams come together, using their diverse backgrounds and learnings from the year to meet client expectations.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 19 October 2020
Johnny Barhouche and Jessica Roberts are two of the IMD MBA Merit Scholarship winners who will be joining the 2021 program in January.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 16 October 2020
An ICP focused on digital strategy, a diverse team using business learnings and insights from this year, a goal to help a company leverage technology for growth.
By Faycal Tazi - 14 October 2020
A big thank you to the IMD Facility team for their ongoing efforts to keep the IMD campus a safe place during the COVID-19.

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By Anthony Wilson - 9 October 2020
The International Consulting Projects kicked off this week with 7 weeks of fulltime work ahead of us. The clients are charged for this work, so even more than for all the other projects done to now, the pressure for performance and quality output is on.
By Waithera Kinyeki - 7 October 2020
What do intentionality, replicability, additionality, and scalability have in common?
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 5 October 2020
Emma James, from the USA, was awarded one of the two Forté Foundation Scholarships for Women, and will be joining the IMD MBA 2021 program.