The end is near… but there are still great things to come!

We are now at a stage of the program where we cannot ignore the imminent end. Deciding on the graduation details, building our yearbook with the Yearbook committee… Yes, the end is near!

One of the things I always liked about this year was to think of the long list of all the good things still to come. This list is now shorter but not less exciting! Our International Consulting Projects are now halfway and we have selected our electives – the very last thing we will do together before graduation😥

I chose to stay away from variations of  Finance, Accounting, etc and really look for topics that either 1 – I am passionate about or 2 – I have no clue of and would like to have an idea.

In my case I chose:

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Leadership Lab


My entries became very rare in the last weeks. Our existence in the program is not externally structured any more, but is rather managed by ourselves, who balance ICPs, job search and other things. This part of the program is no less demanding and challenging, but so much different. It is free sailing now. We have all the instruments and resources in our hands, and we move towards our objectives.

I just want to tell about my personal experience with ICP and it doesn’t necessarily reflect opinion even of my teammates. This is, as it has become usual for me at the IMD, “real life, real learning”. You start chasing a goal, you prepare and read on the topic, then, all of a sudden, you discover that your objective has changed, and changed dramatically. What I do in this situation now, is I never draw fast conclusions. I breath… And I see everything from a different perspective: I take initiative and investigate, I dig deeper and try to get internal group alignment. Never think of something as being impossible and clueless.

I am working in a medtech industry, and it has been a second experience for me in this field at the IMD. I am a healthcare professional, but I learn so much about my industry – it is like an ocean of opportunities in business, in professional development, in making change for others. There is still so much unmet need despite all the progress, recently seen in science, technology and quality of life. Looking through the lens of the ICP, I get to know more about my industry and feel reassured that this is MY area.

And, on the other hand, my ICP experience is my last chance to “sign with the wrong hand” and start training new attitudes and skills, that I’ve identified throughout my IMD leadership journey. It is an internal exploration of pushing myself into unknown, but it inspires me to try out more, questioning how far can I go, and how can I improve. Obviously, it is just starting and I give myself a few years ahead to sink all the knowledge and to grow the seeds of my upgraded teamwork style and skills, and leadership. My inner discovery trip is just kicking off.

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What a thrill! The ICP finally started!

After having been changed so much by our experiences at IMD and after so much education, cramming and grooming… we are almost there! So lets show the world what we can do!

Following a long tradition dating back to the 1980, one of IMD MBA’ program famous highlight is the ICP or “International Consulting Projects”.

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Guest entry – Additive Manufacturing

Today’s guest entry is by MBA participant, Sean Coyle (British/Irish/Israeli). His team members from the ICP are Elena (French/Moldovian), Charlotte (German), Cindy (Mexican/Guinean) and Fouad (Lebanese/Canadian) with Faculty support by IMD Professor of Strategy, Xavier Gilbert (French). 

Our team has been tasked by the ICP client to understand the additive manufacturing industry (a.k.a. 3D printing) and to figure out how to make money out of it.

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International Consulting Projects and delighted clients

ICP’s or international consulting projects, that over the years have become a hallmark of IMD’s MBA program, kicked off on the 26th of September.

ICP’s are real consulting projects where we, MBA students, in teams of 5 or 6 are expected to develop solutions to real world strategic, operational or organisational challenges facing our clients. The rolodex of IMD clients is envied by even some top consulting firms. The list this year includes a large telecommunication firm, a leading automaker, top pharma companies, and many more. Many of my classmates are already flying to places far off and nearby to meet clients or visit their markets. Copenhagen, Zambia, London, Madrid – evey place is on the map.

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