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By suzylaurent - 29 January 2020
Case developed at IMD, wins major case award and the following week gets taught in the MBA Program with case protagonist participating
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 27 January 2020
The Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, is a big day when family members and friends gather together with a reunion dinner to celebrate the past and look to a new year.
By André Garcia - 22 January 2020
After 13 consecutive days of the IMD MBA bubble, the introductory weeks are over and a routine starting.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 20 January 2020
An MBA alumnus from the class of 2019 shares his tips and advice as the current class starts their journey.
By Yaroslav Ivanov - 17 January 2020
For many, Accounting and Finance are intimidating subjects, and the MBA is a good time to face your fears.
By André Garcia - 15 January 2020
The pace picks up for the second opening week of the MBA program, with the official start just a few days away.

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