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By William Reindorf-Partey - 25 January 2023
The first group activity of the year shines a spotlight on cultural differences.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 23 January 2023
The winter season in Lausanne offers something for everyone to enjoy outside study hours.
By Sandra Guerra - 18 January 2023
After months of anticipation, the class of 2023 takes the first steps on their MBA journey
By Suzanne Laurent - 20 December 2022
Following the IMD MBA Graduation ceremony, recent MBA graduates depart for new adventures and the empty campus waits for the class of 2023.
By Ayesha Fariz - 15 December 2022
The IMD MBA class of 2022 signs off with some advice as the incoming class begins their journey.
By Bavly Obaid - 8 December 2022
As the IMD MBA class of 2022 approaches their graduation, it is time to reflect back on the overall experience of the students.

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By IMD-MBA-Blog - 2 December 2022
As the IMD MBA 2022 batch prepares for graduation, mixed feelings take center stage.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 24 November 2022
“I knew I didn’t want to just design the world around me as an engineer, I wanted to help decide what actually gets designed,” says Craig Plaatjes, South African MBA student.
By IMD-MBA-Blog - 17 November 2022
MBA student, American Tenzin Dickyi, shares her team's International Consulting Project experience working with HBK for an intensive 7 weeks.