MBA student, Ernesto Kling, outlines his top takeaways from the first IMD EmployabilityTech, which was attended by representatives from some of tech’s most prestigious and forward-thinking firms.

One of the many aspects I’ve come to admire about IMD is the warmth and engagement of its alumni network. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the first iteration of IMD’s EmployabilityTech. More than 12 successful IT professionals, most of them IMD alumni, joined forces as individuals and representatives of top-notch companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Meta, Google, and Datadog, coming together to discuss the industry and its intricacies with the MBA 2023 class.

I was delighted to engage in some epic sessions and discussions on the most relevant industry trends, as well as the necessary skills, mindset and preparedness requirements for starting a successful career in Tech. Here is a compilation of some of the most important lessons and takeaways. And may I say, thank you again to all contributors of IMD EmployabilityTech 2023!

Starting with the critical soft skills

Deploy the hard skills

My top interview tips for tech

  1. Give practical examples of actions or decisions that demonstrate your skills (using the STAR model if possible).
  2. Playing into the company culture and values, fit, and alignment often overrules the presence of technical skills.
  3. Demonstrate how you are going to make the team better to display the reasons to hire.
  4. Show long-term prospects, adaptability, coachability and resilience – “it’s always day one”.
  5. Avoid generalization or grandiosity; stick to your experience, facts, and failures.
  6. Customer centricity! Customer obsession! Customer driven!

Other nuggets from the event

Recommended reading

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