We've heard time and time again, 'your Network is your Net-worth." We continue to spend lots of time networking during these days.

We’ve heard this time and time again, ‘your Network is your Net-worth.” We continue to spend lots of time networking during these days. 

This week we continue to ramp up on job search.

Several colleagues have completed the first round of interviews, and others are preparing for next week.

A few days ago, we got the opportunity to join MBA alumni from 1996, 2000, 2005, and 2015 classes in a cocktail networking event. Their stories about how far they’ve come were inspiring. Even more reassuring was hearing how they navigated the season that we are now facing. But the most impressive thing was their willingness to help and their openness to share networks with us.

A big shout out to alumni Swati Dalal and Walid Masrouha for taking time to come on campus to share their Microsoft career journeys and how to navigate the process.

While we’ve met with many companies virtually already, we’ve had companies like Trivium Packaging, a company shaping the future of sustainable packaging, and +Alpian, a startup redesigning banking in Switzerland. It’s very exciting to learn about what they are doing now and their future plans. We have a few more company presentations in the coming days and are looking forward to them.

Yet, even though we are going through a painful period, it was very uplifting to see that the IMD Business School was ranked No.1 overall European B-school by Bloomberg. We are very thrilled to see this ranking and very proud to be part of the IMD excellence!

Big cheers to my class and to everyone in IMD who made this possible!


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