MBA Career Cluster day welcomed Clinerion to campus for a mini case competition where participants explored how big data is changing healthcare. Here's Clinerion's take on the event.

Wow – congratulations to all the six teams who sent in their submissions! We were very impressed with how many of them were able to highlight exciting trends in the industry in their proposals. There were definitely some ideas worthy of further exploration. Congratulations in particular to the winners. Team 4 (Simone Grancini, Jing Wang, XiaoYang Wu), impressed us with their grasp on a complex topic that they were not experts in, and were able to run with it and come up with informed, yet out-of-the-box conclusions.

Our experience with IMD on this project has been a whirlwind. In six weeks, we’ve created and run our Cluster Day event, with 42 MBAs briefed, trained and making their submissions. When Emma proposed it, I was really intrigued about how the participants could use Clinerion’s technology. Considering the mix in their backgrounds of data science and other business areas, we jumped at the chance. Now, fast-forward to event day, we got their proposals! I think this is testimony to the enthusiasm and dynamism of the IMD participants that they managed to grasp the core of the Clinerion platform in matter of a week to extract value for their projects. Especially, I would like to thank the organizing team, Emma, Anou and Dwarakesh.

It was a great pleasure to be able to interact with the MBAs during the training sessions. They were very eager to understand every detail – a good sign for the competition! It was also good training for me to attempt to explain our field and business to people who are not necessarily familiar with the pharma research or digital healthcare industries. Just imagine if as a student you could have unlimited access to the medical health records of 35 million patients worldwide? What would you do?

When we first entered the project, we were looking forward to hearing about what our healthcare future was supposed to look like. Additionally, we were intrigued about how the worthy and redoubtable IMD–MBA candidate population, having pored over our business, our technologies, and our achievements to-date, would give us their cutting-edge insights into where we can generate value – possibly in configurations unexpected and unnerving.

But we were happy to do it. As a quintessential “small, dynamic” company which started life in a completely different pharma-related business area, we understand how important it is to continuously evaluate where our business is going vs. how the industry is evolving and take drastic steps to pivot and match pace.

And we’re happy not just to learn from, but also to support the coming generation who will remake the industry. Understanding that not all researchers have access to sponsorship, Clinerion has an established, little-publicized commitment to supporting student research with free access to our real-world data. We’re pleased to support MBA participants at IMD in the same light.

Again: big thanks to, Emma, Anou, Dwarakesh and IMD, for bringing us in and the opportunity of this project with the IMD community!

Daniel Gutierrez, Customer Solutions Director, Clinerion Ltd

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