As the MBA Career Cluster day approaches, Emma James shares some of the healthcare cluster ideas and the jury who will be joining them.

When I began this journey to create our Healthcare Cluster Event , I wanted to answer some key questions:

How can we introduce the industry to non-Healthcare MBA participants and help them explore a career pivot into the industry?
How can IMD MBAs get in front of the industry megatrends?

Our event jurors on 24 May will explore these topics and set the record straight:

The case has officially kicked off! Participants have already met with the Clinerion team to explore Clinerion’s capabilities. They will present their business proposals to the jury above and Clinerion’s CEO Baris Erdogan and board member Ulf Claesson.

We hope to see a lot of exciting and innovate ideas on Monday. The best business proposals may even be implemented by the company.

Emma James

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