The IMD MBA Career Development Center helps participants to transform their careers by working on everything from pitches to propositions.

How many times have you faced rejections for job interviews or were perplexed by the inability to convert an interview call to a job offer? For me, one of the biggest drivers for attending an MBA program was to accelerate my career growth. The MBA Career Development Center (CDC) is the one-step solution at IMD for transforming MBA careers.

The Career Development team plays a pivotal role in helping us participants to develop the right mindset and to stand out against thousands of other job applicants. From pitches to propositions, the program is structured to address our concerns while simultaneously helping us to scout for specific job roles, companies, and geographies. There is always something in the bucket, whether for job seekers or entrepreneurs.

Career Development Center Coaching session

One of the significant modules which had a real impact on me was developing my value proposition. Often, we barely get a few minutes in an interview to narrate our entire career journey. However this is where we can demonstrate our skills to match the requirements of the target company. As easy as it sounded to me the first time, I failed terribly at the first few attempts. This in turn helped me to realize why I hadn’t performed as well as I should in a couple of previous interviews.

Here are just few of the many things I have learned during my first months at IMD:

My classmate, Graciana Khouri, describes her experience so far with the CDC:

The Career Development Center offers a wide variety of activities at IMD, creating a healthy environment to focus on career research. It’s amazing how they help you to figure out the best position that fits your profile at a reputable company in the right country.”

In a nutshell, the role of CDC extends much beyond job search and acing the interviews. Rather than working on a short-term goal, the team helps you develop a strategic and sustainable plan for your career.


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