In a year of challenges and dreams, the Discovery Expedition approaches and the job search picks up steam. Ricardo shares a bit of job search wisdom.

The IMD MBA is characterized for being surrounded by multiple priorities, challenges, and dreams. As we feel the excitement for the upcoming Discovery Expedition, we also need to keep progressing in our job search. I took the opportunity to ask a couple of classmates, Constantino Carli and Aman Narwal, to bounce back a bit of the job search wisdom we have gathered so far. Here’s what they say:

Job search advice from alumni

A key asset at IMD is the alumni network, an incredible pool of both work experience and life wisdom. These are people who understand our road, have been extremely helpful, and have gone the extra mile to help us. The following are few examples of advice they have shared:

Advice from MBA classmates

I also wondered how my classmates approach a promising job application. This is what they said:

Final reflections

Finally, I asked for some reflections on what classmates should be doing at this stage of the program. This was their final advice:

Enjoying the campus and time with classmates

The IMD Campus
Picnic in Ouchy with classmates: Sanjukta Mahajan, Laurent Bedu, Frances Rousseau and her partner Paul, and Hiroki Shioda
Evening drinks by the lake with classmates: Sienna Sui, Sanjukta Mahajan,
Doug Petry and Nicolás de Toledo
Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva), just across the street from the campus

This whole year keeps improving, month after month, showing the amount of wisdom received plus the amount yet to explore.


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