An MBA at IMD is the transformational journey of a lifetime. MBA student, Kriti Bakshi, shares some tips on how to know if you are truly ready to commit.

Top things to consider before pursuing an IMD MBA

Are you ready to be a local in a new country?
Switzerland is not just a beautiful backdrop for our MBA journey, it’s our home away from home. You’ll have to navigate daily life, manage mundane tasks, and immerse yourself in the local culture. You need to be ready to embrace the challenges and joys of living in a new country.

Classmates by the lake, opposite the campus

Are you ready to truly commit to hard work?
The workload at IMD can be intense and time management becomes crucial. You’ll often find yourself burning the midnight oil, working until 02:00 during integrative exercises, and juggling multiple project deadlines simultaneously. You will also be navigating situations where you’re completing your International Consulting Project (ICP) work and actively seeking and securing job opportunities. This means preparing for interviews, networking, and making career decisions while managing your coursework. You need to be fully prepared to embrace this level of commitment and hard work. 

IMD MBA auditorium 2023. Photo: ©Mark Henley/IMD

Are you ready to understand your inner self?
At IMD, leadership begins with self-awareness. With 1000 minutes of therapy facilitated by trained psychoanalysts, we delve deep to uncover our triggers and motivations. Understanding oneself is critical for leadership because it enhances emotional intelligence to inspire and motivate others. If you’re not ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery, an IMD MBA may not align with your leadership goals.

Are you ready to build lifelong friendships with your classmates?
Perhaps the most precious aspect of our time at IMD is the deep and lasting friendships we’ve forged. With a small cohort of students, we’ve become a tight-knit community, supporting each other through the ups and downs of our MBA journey. These friendships are not just professional connections, they are genuine bonds that will last a lifetime. If you’re only seeking LinkedIn connections or a professional network, an IMD MBA is not for you.

IMD MBA coffee break 2023. Photo: ©Mark Henley/IMD

Are you ready for change and uncertainty?
IMD’s MBA program is a dynamic environment where change and uncertainty are constants. You don’t know which projects you’ll work on, or which groups you’ll collaborate with, making adaptability a crucial skill. Throughout the year, students find themselves part of multiple diverse groups, each with unique challenges and opportunities. Uncertainty escalates as the year progresses, especially when you approach the job-placement phase. You may not know which job you want or what job you’ll ultimately secure. Similarly, you won’t be certain about the geographies you’ll find yourself in after graduation. You therefore need to be prepared to thrive in an environment characterized by change and unpredictability.

The IMD MBA is a transformative experience that offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development, but it is only for those who are prepared for the challenges and rewards.


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