It’s fantastic to be back in Switzerland.  We’ve kicked off the new part of the year with an intensive refresher course of lectures on marketing, finance and accounting with some really impressive guests lecturers, and this week coming we’ve got further tuition around finance, career planning and also some presentations from companies looking to recruit IMD students.

I’m really enjoying the term so far, and as the whole class realizes that we have just four short months until graduation, we are all making the most of our time in this beautiful city.  We had a social gathering on Wednesday, and a really fun drinks party last night.  I’m so excited about the next few months, and particularly since I am looking forward so much to my discovery trip (like Stephanie, I’m off to China and Japan), and then the International Consulting Project that I’ve got, where I’ll be off to Norway and the Baltics.  I’m also really enthused about the prospect of searching intensively for a job – it’s really only just struck me that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a change to my career path, and to ensure that I harness all of the skills that I’ve learnt here at IMD.  One thing is for sure, as much as I’ve learnt from the faculty here, I’ve learnt far more from my fantastic colleagues.
Bring on the challenges ahead!
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