The class has been spending the last two weeks focussing on their career search.  For me, it’s been a fantastic experience – meeting with companies at our career fairs on campus has been a great way to understand exactly what it is that I’m looking for in a job, and the search that I’m making outside of IMD’s contacts has really inspired me – there are so many interesting jobs out there!  The IMD success rate during the on-campus recruiting has been fantastic – there have been a huge number of offers made, and the outlook is looking really good for the class.  For my side, I’ve decided to focus on a couple of niche areas that mean that I’m engaging with some key contacts in London rather than applying for the on-campus jobs- watch this space for updates!

Meantime, tomorrow heralds a really exciting new phase of the IMD experience.  The International Consulting Project (or ICP) is beginning – and it’s a chance for the whole class to put their skills to test on a real life business case over the next 7 weeks.  We have all be placed into groups of 5 people, and I’ll be hitting the ground running, spending this week developing a project strategy, and then heading off to Latvia and Estonia on Saturday to start putting the theory into practice.  It’s amazing the responsibility that the companies engaging us for this activity are entrusting us with, and we are all really motivated to demonstrate that this trust isn’t misplaced.  The class will be whizzing all over the world – I’ve got classmates who are currently off to the States, Brazil, London to name just a few locations – and that’s just the list for this week!

It really is such an exciting time – but also quite a shock to think how imminent the end of the course is – this thought really made me appreciate my run alongside Lake Geneva today.

Until next time,


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