It’s the first week of spring. Suddenly days are more beautiful, sun light during the rain breaks seems warmer and more yellow, primroses follow my morning run to school, and almost half of our class gentlemen have a fresh hair cut. We’ve changed our places in the auditorium and I get to know another neighbors of mine and observe our professors from a new perspective.

Two months of our studies are behind and our operations course is coming to an end. Each session was a discovery into another industry, geography and mindset. Every case was at the turn of various business functions. Our sessions were full of interactions, impressions and fun. We went into new concepts in supply change from the whole business perspective. Within our teams we struggled to find our solutions for complex cases. We presented, argued and had a lot of fun. Curiously, real outcomes in the cases analyzed were very different from our projections. Thanks to our operations prof. Ralf Seifert, we had fantastic learning experience. I envy the next generations of Ralf’s students.

It’s sad to realize that our MBA experience will finish one foreseeable day. This week, when I saw the next generation of MBA candidates coming for an assessment day, my memory brought me to a solar eclipse day a year ago… Now I live a leap-year and, to an extend, I am three times younger, learning from scratch.

The moto of my last week was “trust”. Trust yourself, trust people around, and trust in markets! Financial professionals can achieve amazing results by following the latter principle.

Today is the first day of our integrative exercise. But in the morning session we start working on another group project. Prioritize, overcome uncertainty, stay positive, support each other and have fun!

Till soon,


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