All good things must come to an end (cliche overload!!!!). And so do our core classes. More late nights, more sharing some more caring and in the end of it all some more exams marking the end of our academically intense period at IMD. When we came to IMD in January we had traded our suits and ties for backpacks and tees. How happy we were to not bother matching the colour of our belt and shoes. But as the “student” period draws to a close and as we prepare for our “executive” engagements, the formal attire is back. Slick looking guys and gals are all set to make a quiet but impactful entry back into the business World.

No we are not done here yet! We still have a while to go before we can claim to be a part of the esteemed IMD Alumni community. But our remaining time here will be spent outside the classroom, in the midst of executives. Not just listening to them but also engaging them in a dialogue on key business topics. End of this month we will all be headed to one of the three major European cities, Zurich, London, Munich, where we will present our work on various topics concerning business and human challenges to executives from top companies. This will be followed by discovery expeditions around the globe.

So in a way the student life comes to an end one more time. It does make me a bit nostalgic to realize that all 90 of us may not be sitting in the same class again until Graduation but then I am also proud of the fact that I will forever remain in the company of these exceptional 89 people and many more.

But for now it is time to go back to the future


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