Today’s guest entry is written by Kevin Crevecoeur.

Summer has arrived and it is time for us to turn one page of our MBA journey. We officially finished the first academic part of the program, and it is now time to apply our learning’s in the real world.

During the summer, we all have the opportunity to have a company engagement project. This was for me the perfect opportunity to approach an industry I always wanted to join: the luxury watches. Thanks to the IMD alumni network, Fouad and I managed to get an internship with Audemars Piguet. This company is one of the top three watchmakers across the world and is still owned by the founding family. But getting an internship with Audemars Piguet was not my only challenge, I wanted to get a project in New-York to be with my girlfriend.

On July 2nd, I took my flight to New-York and a couple of days later I started to work for Audemars Piguet. On top of working in one of my dream industry, I have also the opportunity to work in one of the most vibrant leaving city across the planet. Right after American independence day, I started to work in Audemars Piguet boutique. My project is in two phases: first, I have to evaluate the boutique and make some recommendation to improve the customer experience. During the second part of my internship, I will help to launch a pilot for a new retail strategy. The luxury watch market is very interesting as you have the opportunity to meet all types of demanding customers. As of day one, I had to learn the codes of this industry that could be summarized by the three wise monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Working in New York during the summer is a challenge: the temperatures raised around 35°C during the day, making any walk in the city or taking the subway, a real challenge. Everybody is looking for some shades or a place where the AC is on. However these challenges are more than compensated by the amazing rooftop bars, the walks in central park and along the beaches of long island. I also had the opportunity to witness one of the most amazing event in the city: The Manhattanhenge. This phenomenon occurs when the sunset is perfectly aligned with the streets of Manhattan. It is beautiful and people are getting crazy to take the perfect picture.

I am amazed by the opportunity I managed to get thanks to IMD and its powerful alumni network. When I joined IMD, I was eager to experience the “real world, real learning”, and I am now experiencing it every day. I realized my dream to work for one of the most famous watchmaker in the world, in one of the most amazing city in the world while being with my girlfriend.

Have a great summer,

Take Care!


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