Last week we were back to school, to our lovely Lorange room, where our name plates were patiently waiting for us on the same spots as prior to the summer break. Thanks to the MBA office, the first week was as intense as it used to be earlier this year: classes all days long on strategic marketing, finance, communications and change management. Cases, discussions, speakers, lots of new information…

May be the biggest impression for me was to see the whole class together again, to hear each others news – at this point I realized how dear these people are to my heart, how much we’ve already been through in a such relatively short time span of just seven months. Those cliché jokes in class “– Any questions? – Gustavo!” or “– Who volunteers? – Shashank!” and so on.

However, it’s time to build bridges between now and then: job search urgency is heating up. But how will I live without those 89 guys after another four months?

Will be back in two weeks.

Till soon,


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