Time is flying and in a jet. 9 months are behind us and OCR in front. Recruitment season has begun and the batch of 2016 has begun to “get placed”. We had our first career fair earlier this week and loads of interviews in the past few days. I know you want to know the companies that are here and trust me I am keen to share as well but we will have to wait for that a little bit longer.

Lets just say everything from the digital economy to the industrial economy is represented amongst the recruiters. Many companies continue to hire for talent and that makes the interview process very interesting. To put it in expert speak they conduct “behaviorial interviews”. Such interviews entail looking at your own life experiences from different vantage points and drawing out stories that help demonstrate your leadership potential and style. I had the chance to go through 5 rounds of such interviews over the past few days and boy is it tough? – you bet! But then it was fun too and helped me put my experiences in context. Did I get the job? Well – we will have to wait to find out.

Hate to cut this short but I better be preparing for my interviews tomorrow.

A lot is happening here on campus and we will continue to bring the updates. Stay tuned and get your leadership thoughts flowing.


Take care!






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