After having been changed so much by our experiences at IMD and after so much education, cramming and grooming… we are almost there! So lets show the world what we can do!

Following a long tradition dating back to the 1980, one of IMD MBA’ program famous highlight is the ICP or “International Consulting Projects”.

Over seven weeks, we are tasked by groups of 5 with helping different clients as consultants!  So no need to say that expectations placed on us are high! Both on the (paying) client’s side and on the faculty side.

We are coached in this endeavor by a faculty who’s expertise relate to our assignment. They support us as project directors, providing methodological insights.

So for whom do we work? We cannot really say of course as our client’s have us work on strategic subjects and are well established international companies. This year, groups  are focusing on  subjects like M&A investigation, new product launch, digitization of business intelligence, marketing and sales digitization, growth strategies, financial risk impact analysis, product introduction decision, business transition study etc.

These projects will take us around the world to meet client’s teams or markets and will also have us being exposed directly to executive and board members of our clients!

So keep checking this page in the coming weeks to know more about where those projects took us and what we learned!


Non-Exhaustive map of countries traveled to during ICP projects 1980 to 2015




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