My name is Priyanka Chandran and I come from India. I have been a finance professional and worked across business development, strategy and deal structuring over the past 9 years. I have been an avid reader of this blog for quite some time and experienced the vicarious pleasure of living this journey. So I am very excited that it’s my turn now !!  Along with the other members of the blog team, I hope to be able to provide a sneak peek into our lives over the next year.

So how was the start? Well on a clear crisp Thursday morning as IMD opened up its gates to us, we were all suited up for the kick off. While most of us had exchanged through whatsapp groups and had the chance to meet others in our first few days in Lausanne, this was the first formal gathering of the entire batch. A laughter here and a banter there, we were all trying to make acquaintances. Yet as I sat in the conference room, what struck me more than the diversity of the participants  was the harmony we exhibited as a group when we supported each other during our move and setting up phase in Lausanne.


The agenda of the first day involved basic administrative aspects and a formal introduction to the program and the IMD team. But as we gear up for classes starting next week, I have to share that we had already been given pre-course work on topics ranging from accounting to statics and leadership. Yes! We were transitioning away from our corporate lives and into the MBA program simultaneously. As we keep pace with the deadlines coming up over the next days, I also have to announce that we have already inaugurated the dungeons  over the last 2 days. We are beginning to pick up steam now and await interesting times ahead. I sign off now with the promise to keep you updated with the latest information from the classes and dungeons.

À bientôt




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