My assessment of the last week can be summed up by a phrase- Drinking from a hose. We covered numerous cases from entrepreneurship, marketing and strategy and material from economics during the week and an extremely interesting assignment looking back at our industries on the weekend to close the week. It was an overload of content in a very short time, testing us on how to cope with such information and on how to develop our managerial abilities at the same time.

The group meanwhile has matured from the mere acquaintances phase to the inter-dependency phase, which is characterized by group study sessions and sometimes enjoying the weather outside when we have sunshine. I will leave with you some pictures from the week. We are very lucky to have Lausanne as our loyal friend. I’m grateful for the beautiful lake views that we are blessed with.



And finally, thanks to the IMD extended social community for being so visible this year 


Featured image contributed by Fabiana Souza, MBA 2018



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