Featured image: All smiles from Group 8 (Hans, Kshitij, Paula, Ana, Gerardo and I) after conquering the dreaded integrative exercise. 

We finally got to the integrative exercises last week. A tradition at IMD, the integrative exercises or the end of module exercises are 48 hour long and are designed to test the participants’ understanding of various aspects of business knowledge in solving a real world business problem. More importantly they are designed to test the working cohesiveness of the study groups that we formed early in the year. The idea was simple. We were given an ambiguous business problem and a potential business proposal and were asked to present our recommendations to the board, twice in 2 days. Though the concept has been part of the IMD tradition for many years, its effects on the quality of learning and eventually on team bonding has been an integral part of the MBA.

My team had an incredible integrative exercise experience. We had been continuously working on our group dynamics for many class exercises and as a result  were able to confidently analyze and recommend a solid strategy to the board. This result was a culmination of our miniature experimentations of several working strategies and delivering the result felt like a small achievement of our efforts to come together as a group for the past two months. It felt like only yesterday when the leadership lab showed us our main weaknesses and forced us to rectify them to come out on top. Although we will still be together working on our startup project but we will no longer be together as a study group. It was a privilege to be part of this impressive mix of people and get to learn and experiment on how to approach and solve problems.


Group 8 in the dungeons

All the other groups went through some kind of trial in their quest to solve this gargantuan task. At one point we were so deep into getting our slide decks out on the last night that a simple rendition of Oasis’ Wonderwall evoked many emotions in the dungeons.

[wpvideo VgTK3uOS]

At the end of the exercise, although we were mentally and physically exhausted but the whole class had bonded over this unique rite of passage. Genuine smiles and expressions of relief were evident on our faces as we headed off to well deserved celebration to mark the end of the module. Real impact. Check. IMD, good one!!


Stories from other groups:


Group 10 (Sakshi, Alberto, Mathieu, Fabi, Ignacio and Anish)

“I would say that the ultimate reward of this experience was giving the group the opportunity to celebrate quick wins . We were much more connected after realizing that we could deliver a great job together”- Fabiana Souza


Group 7/ Team TWINE: Søren, Pierre, Veronika, Phil, Ramiro and Sonia

Veronika Raszler puts it aptly: “Team TWINE, it’s time to shine! Søren, Veronika, Pierre, Sonia, Phil and Ramiro basking in the sun after an exhausting but satisfying first round of presentations”

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