An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
I followed this quote by Benjamin Franklin quite literally, when I decided to pursue an international MBA degree program about 2 years back.

I am Sandeep Sharma, 33 years old, Indian, married and father of a two year old. I was born into a family of educationists in a small town in the northern part of India. Early on in my childhood, I realized the value of education and its power to alter the course of not only individuals, but their entire families and communities. Ever disciplined, I steered my journey from the dusty roads of a small Indian town to swanky Board rooms.



Passionate about automobiles, after my undergrad I joined India’s leading car manufacturing company in a supply chain role, however I was always curious to learn more about how different departments within the company came together to deliver business strategy. This curiosity led me to pursue a post graduate diploma and then join the organization practice of a leading consulting firm, serving clients in India and the Middle East. After another few years, I decided to expose myself to implementation aspects in a global financial services company. Working with various BU presidents, trying to address their most critical people challenges, I realized how fast the world was changing. New skills and technologies like Digital, Big Data and Machine Learning required me to communicate in a new language and I understood it was time for yet another investment in education to prepare myself for the next leap in my career.

IMD has an intense focus on imparting new skills and its curriculum is constantly evolving to keep pace with new trends in the world of business. Over the last 4 months my cohort has been on a roller coaster of practical and classroom learning. Unique experiences like start up projects, the Innovation lab, and the data analytics week have been truly inspirational. But, it’s far from over. As we near the end of yet another exciting module, I look forward to more exciting things…

To end, I am reminded of another quote:

“Education is the passport to future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”– Malcolm X



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