The IMD MBA Shanghai 'Create our Future' Assessment Challenge attracts strong candidates from East and South-East Asia.

A couple of years ago we lauched our first ‘Create our Future’ Assessment Challenge in Mumbai. The idea was to encourage really talented potential future leaders who had the drive, but not necessarily the financial means, to apply for our MBA program.

The Mumbai Challenge was so successful, that the following year we launched a Shanghai Challenge for Chinese applicants.

This year, we have had to innovate further, and our Challenges have become dynamic and interactive virtual experiences. For this month’s Shanghai Challenge, we were also able to open up to a wider pool of applicants encompassing East and South-East Asia, and to extend the application deadline to August 16th.

It’s incredible to experience the energy during these fast-paced events, as the selected candidates, high achievers with drive, passion and potential, quickly come together in teams, and impress us with their creative solutions to the problems we present them with.

There is no application fee or travel requirements for these events, and the winner is offered a CHF 40,000 scholarship towards the following year’s IMD MBA tuition fees.

We want to foster as much diversity within each class of 90 as possible. The greater the mix of cultures, backgrounds, personal and professional experience, the more enriching the shared learning experience can be for our participants. We want to encourage them to see and explore business and society challenges and opportunities from all angles.

If you are interested in taking part, or know someone who might be, more details and the application link can be found on the IMD MBA website:


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