A big thank you to the IMD Facility team for their ongoing efforts to keep the IMD campus a safe place during the COVID-19.

As MBA participants, we are entering the last two months of the program. So far, we have been able to enjoy most of the year on campus. IMD was the first full-time MBA program in the world to come back on campus. We resumed face-to-face classes in June 2020. To do so, the school enforced multiple safety rules. These included: regular COVID-19 testing, temperature checks, hydroalcoholic cleansing, plexiglas separators, classes rescheduling, lunch boxes and so on…

The IMD facility team is responsible for implementing and controling, on a daily basis, these safety measures. Creating a safe place on the campus requires a high performing team. I therefore want to show how grateful all MBA particpants are for the high-quality work accomplished. While always respecting Swiss and Canton rules, the IMD facility team created the right conditions to allow some of us – the ones who are living in small apartments with partners and kids – to return sooner on campus and take online classes in a calmer environment.

The ‘overnight’ protocol designed by this team was impressive. For example: the team had to integrate, train and control new temporary staff on campus for temperature check and mask distribution. The security team organized and increased the frequency of hydroalcoholic cleansing of classrooms, students’ breakout room, library, and toilets.

Market simulation class, new normal with Plexiglas separators, June 2020

I think the IMD facility team went beyond its role, with extra touches. Every morning being welcomed by my first name at the entrance and chatting with Hervé, the person responsible for the security of the MBA building, made me feel part of the ‘IMD family’. Indeed, on top of the security we received special attention. This in itself created connections with all the IMD facility team members. One example is the surprise we discovered on each personal place during the exam week. Every day we were greeted at 8:00 am with Swiss croissants to give us the necessary energy and motivation to overcome the potential stress incurred by exams!

Having experience in the oil and gas industry, I know that ‘Safety first’ also means respecting protocol and making difficult decisions. When one of us had a high temperature, this person was taken care of and tested outside the campus before returning to class. As an MBA participant, I realize that the quality of the MBA program is strongly related to how confident and unstressed I feel every day in class. The positive work environment has been made possible thanks to the IMD facility team.

On behalf of all MBA 2020 participants: ‘’THANK YOU’’!

Fayçal Tazi

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