Harita Byluppala and Dmitry Koval, IMD MBA Merit Scholarship winners for the 2021 program, highlight the diversity of our participants.

Harita Byluppala, Indian based in Switzerland

Hello from Switzerland! Optimizing industrial processes and solving problems with data keep me busy most days.

Be it working with factory operators in remote China or presenting to the CTO of Nestlé, my biggest take away is that people lead people. This understanding made me think about how I interact with others and helped me become a better team player.

Unwinding in a wine bar after a long work day in Chile (pre-covid)

When I decided to do an MBA, I searched for a program that would help me develop leadership skills along with academics. Unlike any other program, IMD’s leadership stream builds awareness of self and others through continuous feedback. Having found what I was looking for, I chose not to apply to any other school.

Every IMD alumnus I spoke to said that next year is going to be transformational. The transformation for me started the day I decided to apply. IMD challenges you to lay out who you are and who you want to be in 300 words. Multiple drafts and several weeks later, I have already learned a lot about myself.

Alumni, participants, staff, professors, no matter whom I spoke to at IMD, I saw 3 things in common – Highly accomplished, Humble, and Mature. This is the community I aspire to be part of and I cannot wait to be on campus!

Enjoying the view at Nestlè headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland (pre-covid)


Dmitry Koval, Israeli/Russian based in Kazakhstan

My life has always been a series of changes. I started my professional journey as a student of mathematics and economics, spent several years in consulting and pharma and then went to work in metals&mining. I am currently leading a lean transformation project at one of the key enterprises in Kazakhstan. This working experience greatly influenced my interests in a professional sphere: changing people and their work for good.

My further goals are also related to transformation, but digital one. I believe that IMD is best for me in terms of professional level of participants and team leadership. Moreover, IMD is the strongest in boosting one’s skills in a digital and business environment.

By the time I applied in Round2, I had already had offers with scholarships from JBS and IESE, thus a response from IMD was required rather urgently. I am grateful to the Admission Committee and especially Paola Eicher, for understanding and organizing the Assessment day and the Offer in the shortest possible time. This proved that IMD has a tailored approach, and I was again convinced of the correctness of my choice.

My wife and our three little daughters supported me through all applying process and gave me the incentive to continue the path of personal and professional transformation.

My family


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