A sneak peek into the pre-MBA journey - Lagos to Lausanne - of Eseosa Asemota, 2021 candidate and IMD Diversity Scholarship winner.


I can still remember that day; Marcella’s excited tone and the tears streaming down my face as I listened to the news of my admission. I had feared my chances considering the caliber of candidates who participated in the assessment day. It was a bitter-sweet moment for me as I had just bid my dad farewell to another life. So in a way, I felt my joy was incomplete, but I was consoled by the fact that I knew he’d be so proud of me.

Support System

Since July, my life has changed for the better; from emptying my bank account (haha) to getting a Diversity Scholarship from IMD (amazing!) and sorting out other issues. I almost pulled out at some point when I reconsidered the financial implications, but my boyfriend wouldn’t hear of it. I’d never underestimate the importance of a support system, he’s mine and he got me back on track.


Fast-forward to preparations, my classmates use the Telegram platform. Like every group, there are different personality types; the outspoken ones, in-betweens and, quiet ones (I identify as a member of this group). However, it is so beautiful to watch everyone collaborate and share information. I’m particularly looking forward to meeting Ravi and Sveta.

Ravi (the Solutionist) – Always looks out for a solution immediately a problem appears, reaches out to the Admissions Team to clarify grey areas, sends us reminders on assignments etc. I’d say everyone needs a Ravi.

Sveta (the organizer) – Organizes a lot of the class events and is also our Telegram group admin.

Now, it’s my first time moving to a different country. Getting a flat in Lausanne is hectic (mostly because of limited budget), I wanted a replica of my apartment in Lagos; an ensuite room, large walk-in closet etc. I have now reserved an apartment with two other classmates and while we have no walk-in closets etc, we are excited about this next phase.

As I get set; travel plans finalized, goodbyes being said, loved ones being left behind; I am hopeful that this big step will bring me closer to my dream.


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