Working at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability, this ICP team hopes to make a real impact towards a carbon-free world.

A word from Christian:

« I come from a region in Canada where oil & gas reigns over everything. Being part of that culture, you learn that petrochemical products are all over the place. Think about it, they are in our phones, plastic, transportation, even the zippers of your ‘sustainable’ jacket. Can we live without petrochemical products? No, however tackling climate change is not an option, but a necessity. This ICP project gives our team the opportunity to make an impact not only on a company, but also to tackle climate change and the possibility of a carbon-free world head on.

The average person in the developed world will emit >10 tonnes of CO2 per year. Transportation makes up to 40% of those emissions (depending on how you break down the emissions). Romande Energie has a vision to help the region in which they operate become the first net zero region within Switzerland. To reach this goal, they have asked IMD and our ICP team to see where Romande Energie should play in terms of mobility. Some may say that EV charging is the easy answer, but the reality is that it isn’t!

We have had the opportunity to combine our past experience with all the strategy learnings from the year and the guidance from incredible leaders. Working with Aurore Amaudruz, Co-director Energy Solutions, and CEO, Christian Petit, both IMD alumni, we can drive forward with a real business case and make an impact. 

The cherry on top was working with both new and old group members and having the chance to apply all of our leadership training. My colleague Alex will explain more…»

A word from Alex :

« When our ICP group was announced back in June, I was very excited about this new journey ahead. Probably one of the final group challenges of the program. I realised that this would be my last chance to again explore leadership, group dynamics, people, and conflict management (maybe?). I decided to take this opportunity to literally apply all my learnings from throughout the year and witness what comes out of it. Once more, one last time.

The project is local based. I chose it for the people at Romande Énergie and the ecosystem that we will be evolving in. I was certainly not disappointed.

We are mandated to develop and build the future of mobility in Suisse Romande (the French speaking region of Switzerland) through the eyes of Romande Énergie. It is a project at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability. We started by splitting the group in pairs, working on different segments. Working as a team we merged all the learnings from the last few weeks, digging into the industry.

Now for the final sprint, full steam ahead. The findings and the strategies have been sharpened, the storyline is done, now let’s present to the client. »

ICP Romande Énergie Team
Love Bhutani, Christian Erana, Luy Fonseca, Jamie Mathew John, Graciana Khouri, Alexandre Ringwald

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