As the April break approaches, here are some of the activities IMD MBA students can take advantage of during spring in Lausanne

Lausanne is a beautiful city situated on the shores of Lake Geneva. It’s a hub of culture, history, and natural beauty, especially in spring. When you’re not busy with your studies, there are plenty of exciting activities and places to explore in and around Lausanne. With the blooming of the renowned cherry blossom trees and the warm weather, you can start by taking a stroll through the charming streets of the Old Town, with its medieval buildings, plentiful shops, and cafes.

Here is a list of activities you can look forward to:

Cully Jazz Festival
Every year, jazz is celebrated in the village of Cully, not far from Lausanne. From April 14th to April 22nd, you can enjoy over 100 free performances by artists from all corners of the globe in a friendly atmosphere, perfect for lovers of jazz.

Lausanne Marathon
On Saturday 29th April and Sunday 30th April a run will be taking place in the heart of Lausanne. MBA students often take part in this annual event, choosing between varying distances of 2/4/5/10/20KM and discovering the beautiful views along the way while keeping healthy.

Hiking is a staple in Swiss culture and lifestyle. Thanks to Lausanne’s exceptional location, many routes can be found close by that will take you through lush expanses of green meadow and beautiful mountains. Some recommended hikes are The Narcissus Path, La Dent de Jaman, Les Avants and La Tine de Conflens. Another option is only a metro ride away up to Sallaz, where you can enjoy a beautiful view from the top of the Sauvabelin Tower.

FC Lausanne–Sport is a Swiss football club based in Lausanne. Come catch a Swiss Super League football game at FC Lausanne-Sport’s stadium with the roaring crowds and terrific ambience.

Comedy Club
Experience open mic, English speaking, stand-up comedy at the Lausanne Cocktail Club. The comedy collective also performs in Geneva. For more information, feel free to join the WhatsApp group:

Rainy day? Why not enjoy some cultural activities in one of Lausanne’s many museums. Whether you visit Plateforme 10, a beautiful culture-arts space or The Olympic Museum, an exhibition exploring the history of the Olympic Games, there is a little bit of something for everyone in Lausanne’s cultural scene. Many of Lausanne’s museums offer free entry on the first Saturday of the month.


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