MBA student, Prateek Prabhune, talks about the highlights of his experiential learning so far, and shares insights into how he chose IMD as the right fit for him as a business school at this stage of his life and career.

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two months since I landed in Lausanne and started the first module for my MBA at IMD. Since that first day, the focus has been on experiential learning. So far, we have:

With the first module ending in two weeks, I am grateful to be on this transformational journey. To be honest, I am still processing the day I received the call from Jennifer informing me that I had been admitted into the program. For the benefit of my network, having been asked this question multiple times following my recent post, I wanted to highlight why I chose IMD for my MBA:

Why get an MBA, why now?

Pursuing an MBA should be as much about stepping outside your comfort zone and exploring what’s out there in the ‘real world’ as it should be about learning. After more than four years in the workforce, longing to explore new horizons, this was especially vital for me. An MBA allowed me to immerse myself in a new country and culture while advancing my skills. It also allowed me to form an immense network with high-flying individuals from 44 countries!

Nobel Prize Winning Stuff with Finance Professor, Arturo Bris

Why Europe?

Steering away from familiar territories where I’d lived, worked, or studied led me away from many US or UK schools. Knowing what you seek before beginning pricey MBA applications is crucial. I saved thousands by targeting only schools aligned with my geographical preferences and my aspirations post-MBA.

Learning in the Mountains | Villars-sur-Ollon


Given the typical MBA expense, scouting for scholarships tailored to my profile was pivotal. With an engineering background, consulting experience, and global experience in my 20s, I aligned my applications with the most fitting scholarships, prioritizing wisely. I was subsequently admitted to IMD with a Young Leaders Scholarship for 2024.

The IMD Restaurant overlooking Lake Geneva

Stay tuned for the next part of my journey in April!


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