Bridging cultures and perspectives: MBA students, Anouk Rossier and Gianluca Perino, have been voted to take on the role of ombudspeople for their class. Let's discover who they are and why they are here.

Tasked with creating an essential connection between the MBA Program office and their classmates, ombudspeople, or “Ombuds”, serve as representatives of the class’s diverse voices and interests. Following a student voting procedure over the last few weeks and subsequent interviews with the Dean of the MBA Program, Omar Toulan, two candidates were chosen: Anouk Rossier and Gianluca Perino. But what drove Anouk and Gianluca to take on such a role?

Anouk and Gianluca celebrating the ombuds selection with members of the MBA Office

Anouk Rossier

Both Anouk’s parents shared a strong passion for music, an interest she embraced from an early age. At six years old, she began singing for a choir, and at 16, she was part of the conservatoire in theatre and classical singing. Around the same time, she developed another interest – figuring out how the human body works. This led her to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in life sciences engineering. After university, Swiss-born Anouk sought a career that would seamlessly integrate her passion for healthcare with her strategic mindset, so she joined McKinsey as a management consultant serving primarily pharmaceutical companies. She extensively traveled throughout Europe during her two years in consulting but didn’t have the opportunity to establish a strong network in her home country. When she decided it was time to complement her engineering background with an MBA, IMD emerged as the ideal choice. As a top-tier establishment with a strong focus on leadership development and deep connections to local companies in Switzerland, it was the perfect place to establish herself in the long run.

Anouk shares insights with classmates Bent, Anne-Charlotte, Laura, and Teodora

Gianluca Perino

As a youngster, Gianluca never wanted to keep his feet on the ground. He joined the Air Force military high school at 15, dreaming of one day becoming a pilot. However, three years later, standing almost two meters tall, his dreams were dashed – he was too tall. He refused to let this setback hinder his dream, so he opted for the sea and joined the Italian Naval Academy. After almost 11 years as an officer in the Italian Navy, he decided to change his life and career and get his feet back on the ground with a new adventure. The promise of a small, diverse, and international cohort led Gianluca toward applying for an MBA at IMD. Additionally, the emphasis on sustainability, coupled with his first-hand experiences of the changing environment at sea and the unique leadership stream, confirmed his choice.

Gianluca sharing Italian culture with homemade tiramisu with his classmates Ruiyi and Rohit

Why be an Ombud?

Becoming an Ombud offers a unique opportunity to enrich our life’s journey. It’s about embracing the trust our peers have placed in us and dedicating ourselves to making this year as enriching as possible. More specifically, we aim to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported throughout their personal and educational growth. This role isn’t just about solving problems – it’s about understanding and valuing each voice within our diverse class.

We’re keen to immerse ourselves in the variety of cultures our class embodies and aim to learn from each unique culture. We also view this role not just as an opportunity for leadership growth and forging strong bonds but as a chance to make an impact on our program and future ones.

This is what drives our commitment as Ombuds: to bring students together, ensuring every perspective is heard, and making every experience valuable.

Gianluca and Anouk

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