IMD MBA career clubs play an important role in student life, providing leadership opportunities, industry insights, and high level networking avenues.

Mentored by the IMD Career Development Center, each year our MBA students are encouraged to participate in our Career Clubs— either in a leadership capacity or as a member. The aim of these clubs is to create new knowledge about industries and trends, adding value for their careers, the industry at large, the speakers and the IMD ecosystem. 

This year, there are 16 clubs covering a wide spectrum of industries. Find out more about the first clubs below, with more introductions to follow. 

The Women in Business Club

We founded the IMD Women in Business club for two reasons: Firstly, to build a strong, supportive community within our MBA cohort to learn from one another’s experiences and share insights about gender equality and the empowerment of women, which we can all leverage. Secondly, to network with leaders from the industry via panel discussions, coffee chats and Q&A sessions and learn about how we can face challenges confidently and help build inclusive workplaces as we go forward in our careers. 

International Women’s Day

2024 club leaders: Divya Srinivasan and Mizuka Murata 

The Sustainability Club

We aim to be a place where MBA students can integrate sustainability into their careers, drawing insights from their peers, IMD faculty, and industry representatives. To achieve this goal, we facilitate internal sessions where MBA students can exchange knowledge and share their experiences. Additionally, we strive to create networking opportunities by hosting guest speakers from various industries, such as consulting, healthcare, or entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on sustainability. We joined the club because we were passionate about sustainability and climate. Our goal as club leaders is to help our cohort explore the intersection between their career aspirations and sustainability. 

2024 club leaders: Chenlu Li and Sebastian Wilson 

The Luxury Club

We are committed to a deeper exploration of the luxury landscape, examining the confluence of sustainability and technology and how they are reshaping luxury for upcoming generations. Through a partnership with the Career Development Center (CDC), we are excited to curate a roster of events that includes expert panels discussing sustainable luxury practices and exclusive tours of pivotal industry events. 
Our aspiration is to equip our members with unparalleled insights and networking opportunities in the luxury domain, fostering a cadre of global business leaders equipped with a forward-thinking mindset and a fervent desire to pioneer the evolution of luxury. 

2024 club leaders: Anne Zhong & Isabella Wang 

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club

This year, the entrepreneurial and innovation club has the principal objective of satisfying our members’ curiosity about the peculiar but exciting world of startups and growth-stage ventures. Our members range from those who have experience founding startups to those who have never engaged with the space but have always been fascinated. We hope to do this by hosting many exciting speakers and panel discussions throughout the year to stoke inspiration in our class and provide practical knowledge about what it takes to work in the space. We also want to facilitate idea development and discussion within our membership and help push our members who want to start their ventures in the near future. Finally, we want to leverage the knowledge we already have in our class and host more informal internal speaker sessions, allowing our classmates to share specific expertise they have in intersections of the entrepreneurship/innovation world. 

2024 club leaders: Kam Sohi, Lauren Holding

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