The IMD Women’s Alumni Club organized a special workshop for women leaders. All female alumni were invited as well the femal students in class 2015. The main purpose was to address some issues and challenges women faced at work. Topics included leadership, diversity, gender bias and discrimination. Conincidentally the timing was perfectly fitting to the period when we had on-campus recruiting and were undergoing different job interviews and discussions.

First we had two faculty members: Martha and Denise presenting the current situation women had, including lack of presentation at the board level, miniroty in senior management, unequal wages, etc. The theme of the workshop “Don’t Apologize” reflected the fact that women tended to have apologetic attitudes toward the others. Secondly we had different World cafe sessions to talk about specific topics. It was very interesting to hear different points of view from alumni of different years and industries. I learned a lot from reflecting on the topic as well as the discussion. It was especially an exciting event to talk to people and hear amazing stories from not only the point of views as women leaders, but also mothers and wives.


Participants from class 2015: (from left to right) Jasmine, Vas, Silvia, and Sophie

Event Brochure


Lively discussion among the alumni

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