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Meet Rakesh and his blog (which I actually visited while I was a candidate and doing research on the assessment day! 🙂 Thanks for the help, Rakesh!):

“Hello everyone, I’m Rakesh Renganathan. A ship captain by profession and today, I proudly write my introduction as an IMD MBA candidate.

After working at sea for close to 10 years, I decided to look for a career ashore. After a lot of careful considerations, I finally decided on doing an MBA to widen my horizon.  I was looking to share a class with people from various backgrounds and nationalities.  Once things were clear in my mind as to what I expect out of an MBA, IMD turned out to be the most obvious choice.

I started my own blog (captainimd.tumblr.com) back in May 2015 as soon as I was done with my assessment day and will be continuing it throughout this year. The assessment day was so thorough and I learnt so much more about IMD that it made me feel that I would be able to steer myself in to my dream career if I got to be a part of the IMD MBA. A week after the assessment day, I got the call from IMD and since then I have been waiting for this very day to be “one of the 90 exceptional people who will shape the future of business.”

I have always heard that MBA is a journey in itself. Our journey at IMD has just begun. So, look forward to reading our experiences during the year. Experience the MBA life at IMD through our eyes.

I wish everyone a very happy new year and hope to see the IMD 2017 aspirants during the assessment day here at IMD. All the best!!!


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