Hello there!

The first week of classes sure honored the intense reputation of IMD! It is hard to believe it’s been only one week since I sat here excited about the first day of classes.

Most of our time was spent with (the amazing) Ralf Boscheck, our program director. We’ve been working on an Strategic Industry Analysis that allowed us to already work in groups, learn a lot from each other and spend some late nights at IMD.

It is starting to feel more like a big family now, we begin to learn everyone’s names and backgrounds, chat on Whatsapp and help each other with deadline reminders and sharing notes from the classes. The atmosphere is very friendly and not competitive, which is another thing I love and chose IMD for. As a group we can be so much stronger!

Speaking of groups, the high point of the week for me (inside the classroom) was the Leadership Stream details session. I had very high expectations of that part of the program and they were overly met with the incredible Staff that will be guiding us through the journey I believe to be the most lasting and valuable here. IMD really goes above and beyond to help us become the best people (and leaders) we can be. It is up to each of us to decide how deep we want to go, how much we want to let go of our preconceptions and our “old ways”. In less than 2 weeks we will already start with an intense experiential. Can’t wait!

The high point of the week (outside the classroom) was the Life Before Microsoft dinner, when we grouped with our closer nationalities and gave our class a taste of the culture and ways of doing business in our home countries. Not to mention the FUN we had… Great party!!! You will soon see many pictures from the photo bloggers. For now a special one I have with the Brazil+Portugal group with Dominique Turpin, IMD’s President (such a warm presence, everyone in our group loved meeting him).

(Thales Crivelli, Carlos Borda, Leandro Veiga, Lucas Seoane, Gustavo Zanini, Felipe Berg, Dominique Turpin, me, Renato Gonzaga and Mateus Machado)

A presto!


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