Remember Harry, Hogwards school? Magic is at the IMD!

We study from early mornings till late at nights. Our class is very supportive and fun; the only problem is lack of time. So much to learn, accomplish and change in just a year. Here I want to thank those partners, family members and friends, who support us. One evening I saw a couple in the schools’ coffee zone: she, who brought a home-made dinner, and he, pulling himself together prior to the next battle with readings, writings and excel-sheets. Patient moms quiet their joyful kids, waiting for dads to accomplish their school assignments. Other partners and family members are far away. While we grow, you care and support – thank you for this magic!

This week we started with finance and operations. I witnessed issuing and trading of bonds and participated in a public decision-making assembly. I realized, that an unfocused question may create a lot of useless work and improvements must be reasonable in terms of marginal cost and profit. Industry analysis – just during the first month here we’ve already done it from several perspectives; I came to the IMD having an extensive background, but now I need to change my magnifying glass to a helicopter pilot’s chair (no broomsticks). What is the key difference among key market players? Not former colleagues, working for competitors. What are strategic differences among top players, pros and cons? It’s not about product features, brand perceptions or distribution channels. Dig deeper to get higher and let financial statements guide yourself.

My blog mates expressed quite different, but very relevant views on the leadership experiential. I guess I dared to dive and suddenly found myself flying. Clarifying my drivers and patterns let me open a white and crispy double-page of my life-book, and I also can see my team differently. We are on our way to find a secret formula of leadership and working together: be it a wizard or a magic powder, or something in between… Yeah, we are at the IMD!

Till soon,


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