As we approach the finish line of the first part of the program (and the dreaded exams) the overall energy of the class is much more on the lower side than before… The exhaustion starts to pile up and what I see is not a change in the attitude, is really that people are too tired, overworked and worried to be able to “shine” through.

I believe it’s all part of the process…. But the reason I bring that up is because I’ve witnessed the power of authenticity and leadership with a speaker last week:

Imagine that tired, overworked class mentioned above. Add to that a full day of Accounting. Can you feel the energy?

Yes… we were pretty much dead when a 1994 IMD MBA Alumni bursted into the case discussion. No introductions, he just shows up and takes the lead of the discussion. He was actually the manager of the case we were studying and we started to discuss and question his decisions openly. Everyone was hypnotized and fully tuned in. He completely owned the room with his consistent confidence on not necessarily unanimous statements and decisions.

The Balanced ScoreCard case turned into a session on Leadership, Life and Values. It was so authentic and powerful that his lessons still echo in our coffee breaks and dungeons.

Here are some of the lessons that caught my attention:

SUCCESS – Be very good at something specific and only then start to broaden out. Have 1 or 2 mentors that you can rely on for candid unbiased guidance. Be happy with your family/loved ones.

TIME MANAGEMENT – Be present wherever you are and really connect with whoever is with you. Best way to be productive is to use your time fully and well.

LUCK – Is about attitude and how you deal with things in your life. Being open and positive will “attract” luck or transform situations.

DECISION MAKING – Assess what you can assess, but then make a decision and move forward. Don’t look back.

GIVING BACK – Always do something outside of yourself. Do things for other people in their best interests. “You learn, You earn and You return!”

And the advice for us during the MBA year?

Thanks Leif for bringing him and giving us that energizing session!

Now back to the studies… and good luck to all of us on the exams!


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